Best Photo Locations in Malta – Photography Tips For Your Visit

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6 Best Spots For Photos In Malta and Photography Tips For Your Visit

If you are an ardent travel photographer, you should consider Malta as one of your next stop for your photography activities. Being an archipelago in the heart of Mediterranean, many travelers from across the world consider this small island as one of the most beautiful places in the world. You will get a good opportunity to take nice seascape shots when moving around. Additionally, you will get a chance to visit several small fishermen´s villages to capture the atmosphere of this region.

I had a chance to visit this island last year and here are my recommendations of the best photography locations you can start with.

Popeye Village
Popeye Village Malta

Popeye Village, commonly known by as Sweethaven Village, is a group of ramshackle and rustic wooden buildings. This village is located in the heart of Anchor Bay in the far northwest corner of the island, just two miles from Mellieħa village.

I was there twice during my visit. My aim was to view and to capture the atmosphere of the village. If you look on the map, you will see several roads which take the locals and the visitors to this place. If you are visiting the village from the south, the road is better.

Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon Malta

The blue lagoon is one of the most famous touristic spots in this archipelago. This place is crowded with people, little shops, and boats. In fact, the first thought when you arrive there is to keep your camera away. The moment you take a few steps over the Little Island, you will see several tourists who have visited the place to see the wonderful blue water. However, no one walks away from the main area. So you will have a chance to take your shots without any disturbance.

To connect to this place from Cirkewwa, you will need to pay at least €10 which includes the price for to and from. Otherwise, it is advisable to check the Comino Cirkewwa ferry to confirm the price and schedules.

The Bay of Marsaxlokk
Malta Fishing Boats
Marsaxlokk village is another wonderful spot located in the south-eastern part of this island in the Mediterranean Sea. This place is famous for its decorative eyed painted boats known as the Luzzus and a big Sunday fish market. Most of its inhabitants worked as fishermen.

I captured the scenery of this place early in the morning when all Luzzus were already in the harbor. Just remember to get enough security personnel for your safety in the wee hours of the morning.

Parish Church of Mellieha
Parish Church of Mellieha
Parish Church of Mellieha is also another best place that you may consider for your photography activities. I didn’t visit this place but the locals in Mellieha were talking positively about the church. The first stone of this church was set in 1883 by Rev Francis Maria Magri who was the Parish Priest. The church was completed by in September 1897 by Bishop Pietro Pace.

According to the local map, you will have no problem finding it. It is just located directly on the street. If you have a car, there is a place you can park and a sidewalk where you can stay safe.

The Azure Window
Azure Window Malta
This is no doubt one of the most famous and popular spots in Malta. It is a natural arch made of limestone with a Blue Hole on the island of Gozo. Located on the Inland Sea near Dwejra Bay, this spot was created when the two adjacent limestone caves collapsed.

There is a big parking space near the Window, but during rush hour you have to wait for traffic to clear in order to get a good place to take your photos.

Ghasri Valley
Ghasry Valley Malta

Ghasri Valley is also another best place you can visit to carry out your photography activities. Located on the north coast of the island of Gozo, the gorge has a width of 30 meters and a length of approximately 250 meters.  The road to this location is like hell. You will, therefore, need to be very careful if you are using a rental car. Just let a local driver who knows the terrain well drive you around.

How To Plan Your Photography Trip In Malta?
If you have chosen some of these locations in Malta as your next photography destinations, you should know that you don’t have the luxury of time. Therefore, you will need to plan your trip in advance to enable you to get more details about these places.

Planning your trip to these photography locations in Malta doesn’t need to be a difficult task. As soon as your trip is confirmed, you should first begin by researching you photography destinations. Conduct some basic search on the internet to get more details about the places you plan to visit. Also, try to familiarize yourself and pull together a list of things and places that need to be photographed. Try to find out important information as much as possible.

You should also plan for the type of equipment that you intend to use while in the field. Your camera is one of the most important equipment you should pack first. A memory card and spare battery also fall on the list of things you will need to include in your package.

Once you are in Malta, the options of moving around are many. You will need to choose whether to rent a motorcycle or a car. These two options provide you with freedom to explore your photography destinations at your own pace. Many people prefer bicycles as they provide some physical exercise while touring the island. You can also opt for taxis, minivans, coaches, ferries, horse-drawn carriages, pleasure cruises or seaplanes as your means of transport. If you choose these options, always keep in mind that you don’t have freedom of moving freely at your own pace.

You should also plan on where to stay. In fact, the options of where to stay are many and varied. There are thousands of accommodation facilities with varied services. You can choose to stay in self-catering apartments, hostels, guesthouses, villas or farmhouses. If you prefer a family setup, there are thousands of host families who are ready to offer you a place to stay.

If you need help in planning your photography trip in Malta, you can get assistance from tourist guides, travel agents or tour operators in Malta. You can also contact an online Travel Planner to help you plan your trip.

About The Author:  Jennifer is a certified cook enthusiast and a legit photographer from Ohio, USA. She is a food lover and thus makes blogs about it at Imaddictedtocooking, which include her own photos for the demonstration of how the recipes are made.  Contact her at @jenniferimaddi1
Image Source:  1-5, Pixabay, #6, By Wolljuergen (Self-photographed) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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