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Barcelona Plaza

Barcelona in a Day – How To Make The Most of Your One Day Visit

Yeah, I know you might be thinking that exploring Barcelona in a day is impossible, crazy even, but the truth is, you can explore this beautiful city in a day and make the most of it, if you know what to do and where to go.  But this requires some research. So to help you save time, we do that part for you. In this article, we will tell you how this is done the right way…


Why Barcelona is Perfect For a One-Day Getaway
First of all, getting here is so easy. There are a lot of cheap flights that fly in and out the city. The weather here is almost always sunny and warm all year round and you don’t need to worry about being stranded on your trip because of bad weather.

This tourist-friendly city offers a lot of hotels and guesthouses and hotels that provide its guests with safe, clean, and comfortable accommodations. There are a lot of restaurants and cheap bars you are able to find not throughout the city and coming here will not cost an arm and a leg.

What does a day in Barcelona offer you?  Let’s take a look:
Sagra Familia Barcelona

If you’re interested in art, Barcelona is one of the best places you could ever be. The city is renowned for its beautiful architecture and you are able to take relaxing walks throughout the town exploring beautiful sites at all corners. If you are coming with little kids, there are also zoos and museums that will keep them entertained.

Barcelona Market

Shopping in Barcelona, definitely offers lots of options. From well-known designers to thrift stores with well-kept gems, you’ll never run out of places to go. You can buy souvenirs, foods, or anything you want with visits to Passeig de Gracia, Placa Catalunya and the winding alleys and streets of Old Town.

Anyone looking for a chance to party in Barcelona wouldn’t be disappointed as the party scene here is lively and entertaining. It is also becoming more and more popular as a stag party destination. If you love fast cars, you will enjoy Formula 1 circuit here where you can do carting.

Spending One Day in Barcelona Step by Step

Barcelona Plaza

Okay, so let’s say your plane arrives in Barcelona early in the morning.  A taxi or Uber in addition to your own wandering feet will lead you to the best of Barcelona.  When going to the city center from the airport, make the most of viewing the architecture along the way. Pay attention to the buildings created by Antonio Gaudi.  Gaudi is the most famous architect in Catalunya recognized for his nature-inspired unique style. When you get to the center, get dropped off at Plaza de Catalunya, which is a stone throw away from the well-known Las Ramblas Boulevard. You shouldn’t miss walking down this famous road, and it could be a nice way to exercise your legs after time sitting down on your flight.

Even if you only have one day, try to take it easy, and enjoy your surroundings as you make your way to the monuments of Christopher Columbus located in Port Vell.  We would suggest for you to explore more of the buildings designed by Gaudi, on top of the Parc Guell.  Seven of the works of this architect have been listed as a World Heritage sites by UNESCO, the most Sagrada Familia as the most popular among them. This is a church that has been in building for a whopping three centuries! At this point, you should take the opportunity to see the Gothic Quarter, the historic Old Town of Barcelona, which is packed with medieval monuments in the eponymous Gothic style. And if you still have time left, you may  want to go to Camp Nou,the monumental stadium of FC Barcelona.

Depending on the time you have and your own reference, here are some other destinations you may want to add to your itinerary:
⦁    Santa Maria del Mar Church
⦁    Barcelona Cathedral The Arc de Triomf
⦁    Statue of Christopher Columbus.
⦁    Torre Agbar
⦁    Park Guell
⦁    Mercat de SantJosep de la Boqueria
⦁    Barri Gòtic
⦁    La SagradaFamília
⦁    Casa Batlló
⦁    Camp Nou Stadium
⦁    La Seu (Cathedral of Santa Eulalia)
⦁    Picasso Museum
⦁    Palace of Catalan Music (Palau de la Musica Catalana)
⦁    La Barceloneta and Port Olímpic

The city of Barcelona offers an environment for anyone. It’s a city rich in culture and traditions. Nights in Barcelona are fun and lively.  There are different nightclubs which are stylish, diverse, and remarkable. A lot of restaurants and bars are open until the sun comes up. You might enjoy a romantic candle light dinner with your partner or party on the dance floor with your friends.  A lot of towers and monuments offer extra shades and color to the city as the night falls.

As you might have already noticed, exploring Barcelona in a day is extremely possible.  But of course, don’t expect to see everything the city has to offer by exploring it for just a day, Barcelona is more than the things I mentioned in this post.  But the places I included here will definitely give you an idea of what Barcelona is all about.

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