Best skiing locations in Europe

Europe is one of the best and exciting destinations in the world for all you ski enthusiasts. If you’re looking for thrills, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoe walks or just a white venture away with the family, then Europe is the destination that will fit all your snowy needs.

France Ski Village

If you’re a little less energetic and just want to enjoy the view, Europe has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.  The traditional alpine  villages and soaring mountain tops with the breath-taking views will make your glad you made the journey.  When you finally hit the bottom of the slope, you’ll be welcomed with charming hotels equipped with trendy shops and quality restaurants and activities for all ages.

But before you do head out on a skiing adventure you’re going to need a e111 card so that you are covered for any injury costs. Skiing can be fun but also dangerous at times so, with EHIC, if you do end up getting into an accident, you will not need to worry about the medical cost because EHIC is there to help. So with that worry out of the way, here’s a look at some the most enticing ski destinations in Europe:

Val Thorens – France

This destination in France has the highest resort in Europe with an altitude of 2,300 metres and it takes top prize as the largest ski area in the world. This resort combines the best of skiing with the best of resort atmospheres so that each tourist feels unique and enjoys their very own Val Thorens experience. The resort is a sporty, innovative, car-free resort which is built in the pure mountain style.

Solden – Austria

In Otztal’s renowned skiing paradise, the winter term has three seasons made to measure for early winter fans, passionate skiers, and for those who just want to soak it all in. Linked ski areas in the eternal ice, the glacier slopes in the upper Otztal which towers high above the skiers village offering perfect snow conditions from early September through the winter months.

Gstaad – Switzerland

The combination of special experiences for which Gstaad is so famous is unrivalled. Gstaad is known as the ‘last paradise in a crazy world’ quoted by actress Julie Andrews who is a regular visitor to Gstaad. The prestige value of the brand Gstaad is one of the best. It is an internationally renowned brand which is associated with luxury and high society creates a value of beauty far beyond the actual main target group.

Are – Sweden

Are is Northern Europe leading alpine sport resort with the most advanced and diverse alpine sporting activities to suit every possible preference and level of skill. Here’s a little trivia for you, in 2007, Are hosted the Alpine world championships which is proof as good as any of the quality this resort offers. Other than skiing, there’s wide range of activities such as snowmobile safaris, dog-sleighing, ice fall climbing and more.

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