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28 Dec

7 Exciting Things To Do In St. Louis With Kids

Places That Your Kids Would Love Visiting in Saint Louis

The Mound City – is what the city of Saint Louis is called due to the large number of earthworks within the city’s boundaries. It is actually the largest metropolitan area in the state of Missouri which is apparently the 19th largest state in the United States. While the city offers lots of earthwork mounds, it also offers many tourist’s spots and attractions especially for kids who would really enjoy a visit here.

Boy and Girl at Zoo

Saint Louis today is very famous for its fun events and exciting festivities. Parents, often tend to go to the nearest St Louis Limo Rentals to rent such vehicles for an exciting experience in the city with their kids. Now, although there are a lot of sites to see in the city, here are the top 7 spots perfect for your kids in visiting Saint Louis.

Saint Louis Zoo
Saint Louis Zoo is located in the heart of the Forest Park. It is actually the number one choice for kids visiting Saint Louis and the fact that entrance is free of charge makes it a must see attraction.  The zoo has over 15,000 wild and exotic animals as inhabiting the zoo. Moreover, the Saint Louis Zoo offers a different perspective when it comes to presenting animals and is known for its wildlife conservation and research.  The zoo attracts many kids from inside and outside of the city.

It is recommended to visit the zoo early in the day as it becomes much more crowded later in the day. Coming early allows a free parking space and beating the crowd for the famous Sea Lion sounds. During the first hour of the zoo opening, visitors are allowed to personally pet a select group of  animals.  Well worth making the effort to arrive early.

Saint Louis Science Center
Today, Saint Louis Science Center is one of top five science centers in the United States since and it has a lot to offer to its visitors especially to kids. Annually, the science center welcomes over 1.2 million visitors. It boasts an immense-sized planetarium which allows a full view and virtual experience of the galaxies and stars. Although parking and the main entrance are free of charges, there are certain areas inside the science center that require fees upon entering.  Of note is the Discovery Room which is one of the highlights for children.

Missouri Botanical Garden
Missouri Botanical Garden, which was founded is 1859, is a center for botanical research and science education and also serves as a green oasis in Saint Louis. The garden has four major divisions namely the Settler’s Town wherein people could enjoy a kid-sized town and the general store; the Botanist’s Path where everyone could see the secret garden and prominent tree houses; the Adventurer’s Path where the limestone caves are located; and the Discoverer’s Path which consists mainly of ponds. The garden is open during the months of April to October.

Girl on Swing

The Magic House
Since the its foundation, visitors, especially the kids genuinely enjoy the Magic House, also known as the St. Louis Children’s Museum. They always state that the Magic House is one of the coolest places ‘ever’ to visit.  The Magic House caters to hands-on experimentation that spark kid’s creativity and critical-thinking skills. One of the main attractions is the replica of the Oval Office where kids experience the vibe being inside the real White House Oval Office. Also, the Magic House has a place that kids can experience being inside a bubble and a real pond where everyone can play fishing.

City Museum
The City Museum inhabits the 600,000 sq ft building of the International Shoe Company, and a wonderful place for energetic indoor play. It is probably unlike any other museum you have ever visited, with elaborate exhibits and attractions inside and out.  The fun-houses are designed especially for the kids. Aside from the World Aquarium and World’s Largest Pencil exhibit, the City Museum has a full playground with ferry’s wheel on the rooftop and a replica of a giant preying-mantis where kids can play and interact. Kids will love climbing through the Enchanting Cave and sliding all the way down to the ground through the 10-storey giant spiral slide.

Grant’s Farm
The ancestral home of the Busch family of Anhauser-Busch fame, was named for former President, Ulysses S. Grant who originally worked a portion of this land.  The farm is now a 281-acre wildlife preserve that has over 900 animals representing 100 different species. Visitors, especially the kids, enjoy a close and upfront experience with a unique setup of nature and animals.   In addition, the original homestead of the former president and its histories may be experienced personally in Grant’s Farm.  This is also the a great place to meet the famous Busch Budweiser Clydesdales horses.  The farm is open from Spring through Fall.

City garden is a wonderful place to visit on a hot summer’s day.  This urban oasis in the city offers whimsical statues for climbing and imaginative water features and fountains that will having everyone smiling and splashing.  Citygarden has a lot of cool and amazing life-size and even colossal sculptures where kids can play.  Aside from the giant head sculpture, there are multiple fountains and pools.

There’s lots more to see in the city of Saint Louis. Aside from the mentioned 7 great attractions and places for kids to visit, there are more interesting and cool place to look forward to one future visits and tours. Kids as well as adults will undoubtedly enjoy what the city offers generally.

About The Author:  Andy Bell is a person who loves travelling and travels like a local everywhere. He mostly travels with his friends and family. He is working with a bus services organization St Louis Limo Rentals.