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Galibier France
16 Jan

Favorite Breathtaking Drives To The Swiss Alps

Why A Car Journey Across The Alps Is Such A Spectacular Idea!

While some travelers dismiss driving as dull, uninviting and tiring, there are some routes in the world that are guaranteed to change those opinions. In Britain we are plagued with busy motorways and stop-start commuter roads, whereas if you go elsewhere in Europe, the roads are entirely different. Driving can be one of the most exhilarating and exciting ways to enjoy the sights before you even reach your final destination and maybe even discover some cool places to stop off along the way! While petrol prices have remained relatively steady over the last year or so, now is the perfect time to take advantage of taking an affordable trip abroad.

Switzerland Countryside

There are so many possible routes to take in Europe when you’re considering a driving holiday but one of the most breathtaking has to be the route to The Alps. If you are driving through to the Alps from the UK you will be able to pass through France, Lichtenstein, and Switzerland. Whether you’re planning to take your time and make stops along the way or simply want to have the pleasure of having your own car at your disposal while you’re in Switzerland, taking the scenic route is definitely a good option every time!

Here are some of the most spectacular Alpine roads that are guaranteed to make you forget all about the destination and just enjoy the journey:


Grossglockner Switzerland

This long stretch of mountain road was specifically built for tourists and thus offers some impressive views to marvel at and is great for making kids fall in love with nature. If you can, try to venture here in the early morning or late in the evening and off-season as this road is perfect for a gentle and relaxing cruise. Take a picnic and let yourself get lost in Mother Nature.


Galibier France

This road is wonderfully designed and offers epic views and a very enjoyable driving experience. It’s said to be quite the challenge for classic cars and cyclists which can only suggest that the inclines are going to be incredibly exciting to drive through.

Gotthard & Tremola

Gotthard Mountain Road

Tremola was an important trade route and Gotthard is wonderfully rustic and traditionally designed. This stretch of road is as fun to drive as it is to look at as it curves and winds its way around the mountain like a concrete snake. Fabulous!

If you are looking to take your own car it’s important to ensure it is in good running order and has spare equipment and all the correct paperwork and safety equipment needed for the journey. Car rental companies need to be aware of the countries you are planning to drive in/ through and the price of the rental car may be reflected in the quote you get. Be sure to check that you are correctly insured to drive any vehicle, be it in the UK or abroad and should you require it, check and compare cheap gap insurance before committing.

The your maps at hand and a good route before you, you will be in for a scenic holiday that you’ll remember for years to come.

Image Source:  #1,3,4, Pixabay, #2 Robbie Shade via Wikimedia Commons