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Uttarakhand Inida Mountains

5 Lesser Known Destinations in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand, often called The Land of Gods, has a lot of serene places to offer and pristine locations still to be unexplored.  Uttarakhand is situated in the Northern region of India, and is home to many destiantion that are heavenly and pure and should not be missed by adventurers.  This area has far more to offer than the main tourist spots, so let’s stroll down through the rolling hills of this state and discover some of the lesser known wonders of Uttarakhand that are just waiting for you to discover.

  • Naukuchiatal

Uttarakhand Northern India
Nainital is a small hill station in Uttarakhand. This place offers some really thrilling experiences like paragliding, yachting, rowing and paddling . This place is an absolutely top adventure spot for curious travellers. It features a large number of artists, tattoo painters, potters, and a variety of bands from different states. Their festival is a blend of art, music and entertainment. There is a very famous resort here named The Lake Resort. Some nearby places to visit are Hanuman temple, Sat Tal, Bhim Tal, Ranikhet and many more.

  • Landour

Uttarakhand Inida Mountains
Near the Mussoorie mountain range dwells a small cantonment town named Landour which is about 35 kms from the city of Dehradun. This quiet town is home to a literature legend who is equally liked by both adults and kids, Ruskin Bond. Due to narrow roads, one has to trek to reach this amazing isolated town which is nestled between the green hills and high altitude ranges. One can shop around in beautiful bazars of the town which are famous for their traditional goods of cultural importance. The weather is moderate during summers and it rains heavily during the monsoon.

  • Kempti Village

Uttarakhand India

This beautiful secluded village adjoins Kempti Falls of Mussoorie. It is an ideal place to view the splashing water and beauty of the serene white waterfalls. This place is a perfect setting to relax and revel in the great beauty which is at its zenith here. If one is keen to discover the natural bounties of nature, then this is a perfect destination. It is a small place away from chaos of metropolitan cities.

Abbott Mount

If you are excited to see the snow-topped mountains of the Himalayas, then this is a perfect place to watch the high ranges of Great Himalayas in their full glory. People generally find this an ideal spot for family picnics because of a simple natural landscape which is pleasing for all, no matter their age.   It has spectacular walkways and heavenly cedar and pine forests which capture the breath of passing travellers.

  • Lohaghat

Uttarakhand Mountains India

This destination is situated on the banks of river Lohawati in Champawat district. The place is mainly famous for its spectacular temples. It has a long history of mythological importance and dedicated to Lord Shiva. Festivals like Holi and Janmashtami are very fondly celebrated by the locals. The khadi bazzar here is an amazing attraction for a large number of tourists from all regions of the world.

This list gives you an overview of some amazing settings and towns in the Himalayan countryside. This state with its ravishing beauty has a lot which can be experienced to add some quality holiday experiences to your vacations. Remember, nature will always double what you expect, just keep your spirits high to discover something new!

About The Author:  Rohit is always amazed by the beauty of green hills and it gives him pleasure to hike through these lovely settings. His writings always include a trail of a nature hike which he is really fond of. He travels across vast stretches to get the best pieces of write-ups for his blog TransIndiaTravels.


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