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Lamborghini Italy
10 Feb

How to Rent a Performance Vehicle for Touring Italy in Style

Rent a performance vehicle for seeing Italy in style

Lamborghini Italy

When you consider all of the Italian figures that have left their mark on the world- Da Vinci, Prada, Michelangelo, Puccini (the list goes on and on), it becomes impossible not to link their genius and creativity with their birth place. Italy is a country that is drenched in history and offers some of the finest food, wine and landscapes found anywhere in the world, and this is before we even touch upon their areas of natural beauty too! With all of this on offer, it makes it difficult to not see Italy as one of the most popular holiday destinations in the whole of Europe. If feeling (and looking) like a beleaguered tourist isn’t your thing, then there are many super-cool ways of injecting a little bit of class and style into your trip. Today we will look at seeing Italy through the eyes of the driver seat of a performance vehicle!

What exactly is a performance vehicle?

Typically a performance vehicle is a car that is designed and constructed for speed. The design and construction of a performance car involves not only providing a capable train of power but the handling, braking and other systems to support it. Performance vehicles often come in the forms of super cars and are known for being high-end and offering spirited performance along with nimble handling.

Why travel in a performance vehicle?

If you are wondering just what it is that makes driving around Europe in a performance vehicle so desirable, we have got the answers! The speed of a performance vehicle makes for an exciting alternative to driving a standard car through the long and winding roads in Italy. This means you can cut your travel time in half and use less petrol doing it. Similarly performance vehicles offer smooth gear transition and easy navigation- this makes for a better and cleaner ride all round, making seeing the sights that much more spectacular.

Renting a performance vehicle in Italy

Italians certainly know how to travel with style, so if you too would like a taste of ‘la dolce vita’ (the sweet life), there are an abundance of companies in the country that are able to rent out some of the highest quality and performance cars. A luxury car rental will get your around Italy in comfort, style, safety and speed.  With manufacturers like Ferrari, Fiat, Bugatti, Maserati, Lamborghini and Alfa Romeo, there is no shortage of high performance rides in Italy.  Simply do a web search for “luxury sport car rentals Italy”, to find all the major companies offering high performance vehicles for rent.  And be sure to find out if you will need an International Drivers License and proof of your home country driving record.

Replicate your Italian experience by purchasing a performance car in the UK

If you travel through the Italian countryside in  a performance vehicle and want to replicate your luxurious experience in your everyday life, then it may be time to get yourself a new whip (while remaining on budget)! While it may not be possible to buy a dream car or super car, there are certainly ways to replicate all of the things that performance vehicles are so well known for doing. Get in contact with an acclaimed Fiat dealership like Glyn Hopkin and they will be able to find a car that is sure to get you feeling nostalgic about your Italian adventure every time you get into your vehicle and drive to work.

Image Source:  Pixabay