How To Choose The Very Best Fishing Charter

Finding the best fishing charter for your next vacation.

Fishing Boat Charter

A person can spend years trying to catch a prize fish and learning how a pro finds the secret fishing spots.  The alternative comes from using a reputable fishing charter since you would be able to have a great experience in the hands of professionals. Fishing charters normally give you access to a luxury fishing boat, rods, reels and bait, and the experience of locals that know the best spots to catch the very best fish in the local area.  Choosing where to take your fishing holidays takes some time because you have so many options! You’re going to be able to travel, enjoy a hobby, meet new people and more. The trouble comes with making the right choice. There are so many options!

The only real problem is that fishing charters come in all types and are not that easy to choose if you do not know what to consider.  Before selecting a really great fishing charter, you will want to conduct some research. Here are our top tips for finding the ideal fishing charter at your next destination:

Do Not Choose The Cheapest Fishing Charter

Fishing charters can be expensive but this does not mean that you want to find the cheapest option.  Many of the low-cost operators and guides are not actually licensed, bonded or properly trained.   You should always ask for their license number and see what credentials exist. In most regions that have fishing charters you will find some sort of association or governmental agency that oversees licensing. The captain should be a member and have up-to-date certificates.

Look For Information About Fishing Charters Online

While you cannot trust everything that you find online, there’s a good bet that if you see that there are individuals that complain about a fishing charter company, it’s a good indication you should look elsewhere.  The idea is to basically look for chat rooms and forums where  charter customers  talk about what their experience was like. This allows you to easily make a good choice as you avoid the charters that are not that great.  Check the local Chamber of Commerce and tourist bureau sites for registered charter members and recommendations.

Focus On The Captain, Not Just The Boat

You do not have to be on the fastest, newest and most extravagant fishing boat in order to have a great time. There are many situations in which a more modest fishing charter gives such a great experience for the fishing enthusiast.

While you look for data about the different fishing charters available in the area, be sure you think about the captain and his credentials. Use online reviews to see what clients say about their experience. A knowledgeable and personable fishing charter captain will make the experience much better than when looking at a luxury fishing boat that is ran by a boring captain.  Also be sure to inquire about what facilities the boat will have and equipment provided.

Use Resort Or Cruise Contacts

If you take advantage of the services of a reputable cruise agency or stay at a renowned resort, the recommendations they offer can be trusted. That is because they will not want to make a bad recommendation and ask guests how their experience was.

We have to add that when you are on a cruise ship, you should only take advantage of the fishing charters that the cruise line has a partnership with. That will avoid the unwanted situation in which you are left behind and nobody knows exactly where you are.

Ask About Fishing Techniques

There are many different fishing techniques that can be used in many cases and different fishing charters will have a preference for some techniques and some types of tackle. Some fishing charters will use light tackle while in other cases you can only troll. Since the experience should be about you, be sure the fishing boat offers access to your favourite tactic. Obviously, you can try something new but most people do not want that.

Catch And Release Or Not?

This is normally highly debatable. Some people prefer catch and release while others want to keep the fish they catch. It is important to ask about this before you leave you the fishing trip. Remember that some of the boats will kill the fish and will sell the catch. Others are going to let you choose what to do with the fish. You also have fishing charters that have a strict catch and release policy. You want to be sure you know about such things before you leave on the fishing trip in order to prevent a possible huge disappointment.


As you can see, there are various things to consider when you go fishing through a boat charter. In many cases we see that people just hurry and want to take advantage of the first boat they find. This would be a bad approach. Take the much better approach and focus on things like what was mentioned above.





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