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3 Mar

Charter A Yacht In The British Virgin Islands – Essential Info

Sailing Must-Haves In The British Virgin Islands!

A visit to the British Virgin Islands is like stepping into paradise, as picturesque and magical as it sounds in one of those old adventure novels with pirates and treasure hunts. The shores are covered in soft white sands and the oceans are so beautifully clear that you can see that the world below the water which is as marvelous and the land above.

British Virgin Islands Yacht Vacations

Sailing the British Virgin Islands is considered the best way to enjoy everything the region has to offer. Charter a sailing yacht or other water vehicle for the ultimate BVI experience in the comfort and safety of well maintained, stocked and beautifully furnished yacht, which you may captain yourself (provided you have a sailing resume) or hire a local captain to take you on your journey.

Expect your boat to be fully stocked with the essentials, including linens, towels, cell phone (for which there is a deposit fee), charts, guides, safety equipment, flashlights, and binoculars, as well as stereo and electrical outputs to charge your devices. Additionally, there are a number of items that you should remember to pack; below is a short guide to your sailing essentials.

First and foremost, there are some things that are provided, but others you need to provide. Get your snorkel gear! It is available from the BVI yacht or bare-boat charter companies free of charge; you just need to collect it from the offices before your departure from the mainland. It is advised to call ahead and have your provisions waiting for you upon arrival. Additionally, the boats will have one roll of toilet paper per person, but it is always advised to bring a little extra!


All visitors are required to have a passport that is valid for the next 6 months. Some non-US visitors will also require visas. Other paperwork you have to have includes a Cruising Permit); a National Parks Permit that allows you to visit and moor in the incredible marine parks and protected and vulnerable areas; and yacht insurance. Don’t fret, you will be guided through the process to make the fine details simple and out of the way as fast as possible to you can get to relaxing and having fun!

Money, Honey

The currency used in the Virgin Islands is the US dollars. While cards and travelers checks are accepted in most places, cash payment, especially for moorings and smaller establishments, is recommended.

Other than that the essentials you need to bring along include sunblock, sun hats, swimming costumes and a thirst for adventure!