Stunning Resort Hotels in the Himalaya Mountains

Wildflower Hall Shimla, Oberoi Hotels

5 Stunning Hotels and Luxury Resorts in the Himalayas

A holiday in the mountains of the Himalayas is the perfect way to relax – the quiet and solitude, as well as the stunning views of the Himalayas, make for a wonderful way to spend your holidays. There is no dearth of luxury resorts in the mountains; however, here are some of the best.

Ananda in the Himalayas, Rishikesh

Ananda Spa Hotel
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Ananda in the Himalayas is known to be one of the best spas in the world. Built on a royal estate, the resort sits on the same property as the Maharaja’s residence. The treatments at Ananda are world-class, and draw guests from every corner of the globe. The yoga sessions as well as the Ayurvedic spa treatments are tailor-made to suit your needs and are conducted by professionals. Set amidst the beauty of the lower Himalayas, it is the perfect way to relax and unwind for a few days.

Wildflower Hall, Shimla

Wildflower Hall Shimla, Oberoi Hotels
Source:  Oberoi Hotels

If colonial charm is what you’re after, Wildflower Hall is the perfect getaway for you. What was once the residence of Lord Kitchner, the Commander in Chief of the British Army, is now one of the most popular spas in the Himalayas. For those who like outdoors activities, there are trekking, mountain biking and even picnic options. During the right season, one can even go foraging for wild strawberries. For days when you want to stay in and warm yourself in front of the fireplace, there are the beautiful feasts to look forward to – a mix of traditional as well as international favourites make their way to the table here.

The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa, Gulmarg

Khyber Himalayan Hotel
Source:  Khyber Hotels

Gulmarg is called the Switzerland of the East and with good reason. The snow covered mountain slopes are perfect for skiing, and nestled in the heart of Gulmarg is the Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa. With views of the majestic Affarwat Peaks from every window, a stay here is therapy for the mind and soul. For the body, there’s the world-class L’Occitane Spa, where seasonal, home-grown ingredients are used for the treatments. Although Gulmarg is most popular in the winter, it is equally beautiful in the spring and summer months.

Aalia, Haridwar

Aalia Hotel Haridwar India
Source:  Aalia Hotel

This luxury hotel located on the banks of the river Ganga is a soothing retreat from the chaos of the city. The resort also happens to be close to Rajaji National Park. With private suites and large 3-bedroom villas, this resort is perfect for those in need of some tranquillity. Each villa comes with a private study, 24-hour butler service, a private garden and a fireplace – everything you need to make your stay in the mountains one you’ll remember for a lifetime.

The Terraces, Kanatal

Terraces Resort Hotel, Kanatal, India
Source:  Terraces Resorts

This resort is located on the highway between Chamba and Mussoorie and perfect for those looking for a weekend getaway from Delhi. Although it is picturesque all year round, it transforms into a winter wonderland during the winter months. Blanketed in pristine white snow for as far as the eyes can see, it is the perfect setting to unwind with some yoga and meditation that is offered by the hotel.

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