Make Poland Your Spring Break Destination

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Rynek marketplace, Poland

Thinking about the Spring Break Destination? Travelling to Poland is a Wonderful Idea!

Spring is almost here so you must be thinking of your next destination for your next great adventure on the road? Today we recommend Poland as a wonderful spring break destination. Let’s see what it has to offer and how you can have a great spring vacation there!

Know Before You Go: Tips for Planning Your Trip to Poland

Before you get to Poland, you need to make sure several things are in order. First of all, make sure you have your visa ready for the passport paperwork and the entry info. Moreover, you need to know when to go to catch the weather you prefer. Spring season is the Shoulder one when prices will be to your advantage. It starts in March and continues until the end of April. It is a great time to be there because it is not too hot nor cold so you will be able to spend relaxing days visiting the country.

The High Season will start in May and will last until September. This is the time of the year when sunny days will be with you in Poland. At the end of the year, the Low Season will start and you will be able to experience Poland covered by snow. In the end, you choose the type of experience you wish to have. Anytime you go, you will be amazed by the beauty of this country and the wide variety of activities in which you can engage according to season specifics.

Tips For Getting Around Poland

If you wish to live the real Polish experience, you need to know how you can travel throughout the country in a comfortable and fast manner. Walks on foot are a must because nothing compares to seeing those local people engaging in their daily activities and living the Polish lifestyle. However, you can also travel by car, bus and train when you need to travel longer distances and see as much as you can from this beautiful country. Affordable rates and fast services are available in all cases.

Things You Must Do in Poland

When you go to Poland, you have to visit the Rynek (market squares). They feature a perfect square-shaped pedestrian medieval marketplace that is filled with attractive restaurants, shops and bars you will love. You can taste their local recipes there and have a taste of delicious wine.

Rynek Market Square Poland

In the Rynek as well as in many other popular places from the cities of Poland you will notice medieval architectural styles that make this county very special. You will also witness other styles in terms of architecture here such as Classic, Baroque and even Gothic. Those Gothically designed buildings will immediately attract your attention.

gothic town hall Poland

Next, you cannot go to Poland and not taste their local beer. Their centuries old and exceptional beer amazes tourists every time. Also, the food there is delicious. You should try the Polish staples such as pierogi as well as the bigos to get a real sense of the Polish cuisine.

Pierogi Poland

In terms of popular historic places, we recommend you to visit cities like Gdansk, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Krakow. In Gdansk for example you can visit the European Solidarity Center where you will discover the story of Lech Walesa.

A Magnificent Holiday in the Countryside of Poland

Poland Countryside Garden

Apart from the poplar urban cities that you can visit in Poland, you should also experience the real countryside life there. Most of it is lovely and has remained relatively unspoiled by technology and human intervention. There are numerous regions in this country that will amaze you with gorgeous landscapes, primeval forests and endless mountain ranges; even hidden valleys and the most attractive grasslands in the world.

Their traditional farms are a key element for tourists as well as the lakes that make this country even more beautiful. Moreover, nothing is more beautiful than the wilderness featured by this country. It has world class skiing and snowboarding locations as well. Moreover, it is the perfect destination for those who wish to conquer the most beautiful mountains. The views in the mountain areas will awe and inspire you at the same time.

Finally, if you are into discovery, rich culture and history as well as amazing architecture, a Poland holiday is a great option to consider all throughout the year.

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