Europe’s Most Scenic Drives With Unforgettable Vistas

Autobahn Europe

Best Scenic Drives For An Unforgettable Experience In Europe

Forget Route 66 – there are loads of fabulous and picturesque roads to travel on in Europe where you can soak up some of the most beautiful views that this part of the world can offer. The beauty of Europe is that it has some of the most varies and contrasting landscapes than most other continents can only dream of having. From mountainous, snow-capped regions, to beach front roads and field of gold, you can find them all here within easy reach of the UK! Here is our pick of the best scenic drives to experience in Europe, so why not consider renting a car or driving to your European holiday destination to see the journey from an alternative point of view?

Autobahn, Germany

Autobahn Europe
Image:  By Lwan98, via Wikimedia Commons

Thrilling for some and terrifying for others, the Autobahn in Germany offers drivers the chance to drive with no speed limitations which means you can push down on the pedal and zoom through the magnificent German countryside without keeping to any speed limit! Talk about freedom.

Route 500, Germany

The Route 500 drive takes you on a journey through the magical Black Forest and offers unparalleled views along the mountains. If you are looking to make the most of this spectacular journey then do try to get out on the road early avoiding traffic (this is a major road in this region).

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi Coast Drive
Image:  Flickr by RonMacPhotos

Southern Italy has always come top of the list of European holiday destinations and this is especially true if you are looking to drive through it. Driving along the coast in this part of Europe is set to take you back in time and will be able to best highlight the wonders of the views and perfectly sculpted coastline. Hop from town to town and see how fabulous driving through this region truly is.

Trollstigen, Norway

Trollstigen Norway

The Troll Route of Norway is perhaps one of the most talked about scenic road journeys in Europe. From beautiful mountains to natural waterfalls, this drive will truly capture the very best of Norway’s natural wonders.

Stelvio Pass, Italy

While picturesque, the Stelvio Pass route in Italy is also considerably treacherous and challenging and is set to test even the very best of drivers. A reward for your hard work? Stunning mountain views!

The Atlantic Road, Norway

Atlantic Road Norway
Image: By Ernst Vikne (Atlanterhavsveien,via Wikimedia Commons

The 8km road in Norway is perhaps the most impressive and awe-inspiring in the whole of Europe. The road is built over water through multiple islands, which is what makes it so fascinating and unusual.

If you are looking to hit the road and experience the wonders that come from driving through Europe without a care in the world, then be sure to sign up for an EHIC card before you travel. It will ensure that you will be eligible to receive free or discounted healthcare throughout your European road tip!

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