Tokyo’s Best Contemporary Art Galleries

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SCAI the Bathhouse Gallery Tokyo

The Best Contemporary Art Galleries in Tokyo

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Tokyo’s contemporary art galleries are reflective of the city’s vibrant cultural scene. A diverse range of edgy and experimental galleries can be found scattered within the magnificent cityscape. Art galleries in Tokyo showcase the very best of Japanese and international art, and also help to shine the light on emerging, young artists who have not yet been discovered. Here are some of the best contemporary art galleries in Tokyo that are not to be missed.

SCAI the Bathhouse

SCAI the Bathhouse Gallery Tokyo

Located in the traditional downtown Yanaka district is one of the most prestigious art galleries in Tokyo, SCAI the Bathhouse. Since opening in 1993, this top Tokyo art gallery has become known for introducing avant-garde Japanese artists to the world and creating a presence for international artists in Japan. SCAI the Bathhouse has garnered a reputation for its extensive exhibitions, presenting artists like Lee Ufan and Tadanori Yokoo who were the original leaders of Japanese contemporary art. The gallery has exhibited the works of Toshikatsu Endo, Tatsuo Miyajima, and Mariko Mori, who were responsible for bringing Japanese contemporary art to the world’s attention in the late 80s and 90s. SCAI also helps get young, emerging artists get recognised on a wider scale by promoting their work. The stunning architecture and elegant atmosphere of SCAI the Bathhouse adds to the delightful experience of this unique gallery.

Tomio Koyama Gallery

Tomio Koyama Art Gallery Tokyo

Tomio Koyama Gallery is one of the most renowned art galleries in Tokyo. The gallery works hard to introduce both emerging and established artists to Japan and the world, such as Kishio Suga and Mika Ninagawa. The gallery showcases a range of their work, from installations and paintings to photographs and drawings.

The 8/Art Gallery

As one of the leading contemporary art galleries in Tokyo, the Tomio Koyama Gallery is also the director of the 8/ art gallery. The 8/ Art Gallery is a new type of Tokyo art gallery that challenges contemporary art, modern art, antique art and craftwork from its own unique perspective. It is one of the best art galleries in Tokyo to experience first-hand the multi-faceted creative approaches of Japan’s top art exhibitor.

Taka Ishii Gallery

In October 2016, Tomio Koyama Gallery opened a new Tokyo art gallery space in Complex66, called the Taka Ishii Gallery. The gallery is also affiliated with Taka Ishii Gallery Photography & Film, which regularly exhibits both historical and recent works. This is a must see art gallery in Tokyo for anyone interested in photography.

The Mizuma Art Gallery

Mizuma Art Gallery Tokyo

The Mizuma Art Gallery is unique amongst other art galleries in Tokyo. The gallery, which opened in 1994, presents Japanese and Asian artists who don’t follow the ‘current’ style and have their own distinctive sensibilities. The artists presented in this gallery have been recognised worldwide for their fascinating works. The gallery also organises the exhibitions of Western artists who are new to Japanese audiences. Since 2000, the gallery has participated in multiple international art fairs.


Located in the Tennozu area, Urano represents both emerging and established artists from Japan and abroad. The gallery has a close relationship with its artists who strive to be innovative in their artworks. The experimental nature of its exhibitions and projects have made it a stand out Tokyo art gallery.

Blum & Poe

Blum & Poe is a leading contemporary art gallery in Tokyo that was first established in California in 1994. The Los Angeles space produces a dynamic program of established and rising artists from Los Angeles and around the world, and also presents major group shows. The Tokyo art gallery space opened in 2014 and features a remarkable collection of post-war Japanese art.






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