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10 Reasons Why You Should Travel To The Philippines For A Great Vacation

Tourists often visit the Philippines for its tropical climate, beaches, palm trees, rich history and exotic locale.  But there is more to the Philippines than a tropical paradise. Here are 10 reasons why you should put a trip to the Philippines on your bucket list.

  1. Scuba Diving in the Philippines- A Wonderful Experience

Diving in the Philippines

Scuba diving in the Philippines is among the most fantastic endeavors that you could experience in your life. This will be a unique encounter that you will always remember. The Republic of the Philippines includes a number of 7107 unique island destinations.

Scuba diving in this country could be classified in five main areas. Included in these areas are the following: Palawan, Puerto Galera, Sulu Sea, Visayas.

In addition to ocean diving, Scuba activity in this country can include exploration through caves along with freshwater dives inside the coasts. You will also get the chance to observe numerous stunning coral reef walls. Visayan Island destinations are thought of as the best location for diving in the country.

Don’t forget to bring your best underwater camera while swimming under water. You don’t want to miss the natural wonders!

  1. Celebrations

Philippines Festivals

As the Philippines is rich in culture and heritage, it won’t come as a surprise that almost every month, festivals and events are happening throughout the country.  Festivals and events are also a part of the Filipino culture. Fiestas are mostly celebrated in honor of a town’s religious patron saint, so watch for these celebrations when you’re planning your itinerary.

Aside from this, events that showcase the talents of Filipinos are also widely celebrated in the different areas of the country. Indeed the Filipino spirit towards merry making is full of passion as displayed in their culture!

  1. Delicious Filipino Food

Philippine exotic foods can be mostly be found throughout the street markets in the country.

Filipino Cuisine

Your Philippine tour experience will not be complete without having “balot” after dinner or eating “isaw”, “betamax” and “adidas”. Balot is actually steamed duck egg with its embryo inside while isaw, chicken intestine, betamax, pork blood and adidas, chicken feet are best eaten when grilled.  Don’t forget to get hold of your adobo meal, (pork cubes in vinegar and soy sauce) as this is the national dish of the country and is served in Filipino restaurants and almost every home.

While roaming the busy streets of Manila, don’t forget to get yourself a bowl of halo-halo. This popular Filipino dessert resembles the combined cultures, wide heritage and the rich history of the country.  The dessert is made with shaved iced, sweetened beans, fruits, Filipino creamed caramel (leche flan), ube , nata de coco and milk. Top it off with a scoop of ube flavor ice cream to complete the cool, refreshing taste of the halo-halo.

While in the metro, don’t forget to drop by Cafe Juanita in Pasig for delicious home cooked Filipino dishes. The aligue (crab fat) is a must try dish along with the laing (taro leaves with coconut milk sauce) and the asohos (whitting), deep fried to perfection.

  1. Beach Resorts

There are a lot of resorts for travelers who wish to visit the Philippines. The abundance of the tourism industry has paved the way for luxurious, world class resorts.


Philippines Beach

Boracay is also a popular destination for tourists due to its cool waters, white sandy shores and relaxing ambiance. Hotels have also flourished on the island following the demand from tourists coming from all over the world.

Meanwhile, if you are roaming the majestic beaches of Palawan Island, Amanpulo and Pangulasian Island Resort are the best choices for luxury service.

Pristine beaches are also flourishing in Mindanao which includes the Pebble beach in Surigao del Norte, Zamboanga’s Pink Beach of Santa Cruz and the Alano Beach in Basilan to name a few.

  1.   Asian Art and Culture

For those who dig art, the Philippines have oriental arts from local to international artists. Museums are also abundant in the metro including those showcasing rich families’ works of art.

You can check out the Ayala Museum in Makati and the Yuchengco Musuem along Gil Puyat Avenue.

  1. Lively Bars

The nightlife in the Philippines is lively and hip. Numerous bars with both local and international DJs mixing the beat are a must see when spending the night out in its capital city of Manila.

Philippines Manila Sunset

Good choices to go include the Hobbit House in Ermita, Che’lu Bar, Cowboy Grill and Exklusiv in Malate, 71 Gramercy and Bond Urban Pub in Makati. If you’re down for some hip hop and rhyme battles, BSide at Collective in Makati is also a popular choice.

Going down in the Visayan Islands, a must visit place is Cebu. It is a highly competitive, urbanized district with big shopping malls, historic scenes and marvelous nightlife experience. The Penthouse in the city district is a must visit place for clubbing. Other party places in Cebu include LoneStar Saloon Bar, Amnezia Superclub, Marshall’s Irish Pub, The Den and Pipeline.

  1. Unique Adventures

There’s nothing like the unique adventures that await you in the Philippines. Thus the famous phrase “it’s more fun in the Philippines”. Just some of the activities including spelunking, zipline and horseback riding are popular among guests visiting the highlands.

Local and foreign surfers find Siargao a surfing haven. It is also the surfing capital of the Philippines where local and international competitions have already been held.

  1. Hospitable and Friendly People

Filipinos are very friendly, hospitable and kind people. If you wanted to be extra adventurous and actually live in the Philippines full time, they would welcome you and treat you like a local. In fact, a growing number of foreigners have been retiring and living in the country.

The easy and laid-back lifestyle of the people has drawn the attention of the international community. The standard of living is also not that expensive making the Philippines a perfect place to live and visit.

Filipino Children

The people in the country have a very positive attitude towards life. Imagine having been struck by the world’s most powerful typhoon, Haiyan, in 2013. Filipinos still manage to smile and overcome the difficulties of life.

Foreigners who wish to visit or live in the country will find it easy to adapt. You won’t find it difficult to communicate as most of the people in the Philippines know how to speak English.  Once you visit, you may never want to leave!

  1. Fine Wheather

The Philippines enjoy two seasons: the wet and dry. Those who love the warm, tropical climate will be in heaven while in the country. The usual temperature in the country is between 25 to 28 degrees Celsius but can get really hot during summer.

  1. Affordable Accommodation

Philippines Accommodation

When in the Philippines, places to stay that best fit the budget is not a problem. The country offers a wide variety of hotel, inns, pension houses, hostels, dormitels and even condominiums for transient boarding. Prices range from as high as US$500/day for ultra luxury resorts to as low $20/night.

The best thing to do prior your visit is have a browse online for various hotels to stay in the destination where you are heading.


The must see places in the country are situated throughout the entire Philippines. You can’t just visit one place in Luzon as you would miss out the fun in the Visayas and Mindanao islands. A 5 day vacation won’t be enough to be able to discover the wonders of the country.

However, if your vacation is tight with the schedules, the country offers nearby destinations that would satisfy short period of trips.

See video to get a breathtaking peek at this beautiful country:

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