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Top Surfing Spots

Top Surfing Spots for the best surfing experiences across the globe.

Top Surfing Spots

The song might say ‘Surfin USA’, but around the world there are a lot of incredible beaches and coves that offer great waves that you won’t find anywhere else. If you want to catch the wave of a lifetime then get out of the house and go get them. There are some great waves on the other side of the world just waiting for you and some of these top surfing hotspots are a good place to start searching.

Bundoran, Ireland

Bundoran Surfing, Ireland

This little Irish town is more than welcoming of surfers and even take extra measures to ensure that everyone that visits to catch the waves is given the warmest possible welcome. There is extra accommodation around the town just for the surfing tourists and during the peak season, which is around September time to May, you can get great discounts.

One of the best places to find consistent and high quality reef breaks is at The Peak during low tide, suited only for those with confidence on their boards. Otherwise, it’s the Tullan strand that you should visit. This two mile long beach has god conditions for all levels of surfers, getting progressively more challenging the further along the beach you get.

It is important to know, otherwise, that Bundoran is known as a ‘cold water Eden’. The winds can get pretty strong and cold around these areas and the waters pretty rough, so you should take extra care while surfing here. This means never surfing alone, never surfing after drinking and wearing a high quality wet suit when surfing.

Bondi Beach, Australia

Surfing at Bondi Beach Australia

This Australian beach is synonymous with surfing and is one of the world’s most iconic surfing destinations. In fact, surfing is even in the name, with ‘Bondi’ being an Aboriginal word to describe water breaking over rocks. Bondi Beach is great for amateurs, with plenty of and board rentals and the waves vary throughout the day. However, as one of the most famous surfing spots it can get quite crowded during the weekends. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a more secluded and challenging surfing experience you might want to visit…

Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

This particular surfing hotspot was only recently put on the map and is still quite new, but it consistently has great surfing. They have surfing retreats and resorts, to experience waves between 2 and 12 foot. The water’s warm and clear, the sun’s bright and as a lesser known surfing spot, you won’t find yourself crashing into other surfers when it comes to tackling the waves. Hang out in the surf camps or take your board around the islands and reefs. You’re practically guaranteed great waves, no matter what time of year you decide to visit.

Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

Jeffreys Bay Surfing, South Africa

Known fondly by surfers as ‘J-Bay’, this hotspot west of Cape Town offers has some of the most consistent surfing in the world. The surfing community really changed the area and the regular influx of surfers helped to start up local resorts, cafes, restaurants and rentals. Every summer you’ll find the Billabong Pro Asp World Tour at Supertubes here and the film Endless Summer featured the beach’s best waves. You can find pros tackling waves as long as 3 minutes as well as waves 10ft high. The surfing is known to be safe, but you can get a rogue wave every now and then.

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