8 Famous Walking Trails in Great Britain

Hadrian's Wall UK

8 Unique Places To Take a Walking Holiday in Great Britain

Walking is a perfect activity for your holidays, allowing you to see the breathtaking countryside and other natural wonders in Great Britain. Mountains, lochs, moors, lakes, and crags; you are never far away from a magnificent walk in the UK. So, here is the list of 8 unique places to take unforgettable walking holidays.

Hadrian’s Wall Path

Hadrian's Wall UK

It is one of the popular destination to enjoy long distance walks. It passes through some of the gorgeous areas, including rocky moorland & vibrant cities of Carlisle & Newcastle, of England. Most of the people prefer to walk from east to west direction, you will find the same route in most of the guidebooks as well.

Then there are people who prefer starting in the west as this is also the direction of the prevailing wind. Hadrian’s Wall Path runs as close as possible to the way of the wall and since the trail was officially opened in 2003, it is quite popular amongst the walkers across the globe.

South West Coast Path

South West Coast Path Britain

The South West Coast Path is well-known for its ghostly tin mines, towering cliffs, and hidden coves. One thing that makes this trail unique from the rest, is the fact that there is a surprise in every corner, adding an element of excitement in your walking holiday. This is not a modern creation, here you have the opportunity to trace once again the footsteps, pasts, and the lives of the fisherman, old tin miners, and wreckers.

You will be travelling through an amazing 1014 km of pristine coastline. There is no doubt that this is the longest National Trail in the UK and you can ask anybody that this place is the best. The place also has great scenery coupled with rich history and culture making it a pinnacle of walking.p

Thames Path

Thames Path at Fulham England

Thames Path offers a mild but charming introduction to walking with a wide variety of historical sites and along the way you get an opportunity to explore Parliament buildings and thriving metropolis. Opened in 1996, The Thames Path Trail is the only trail that follows the longest river of England – River Thames. The trail starts from Gloucestershire and wanders through some of the spectacular countryside embellished with lovely villages and towns. The best thing about The Thames Path is that it is a well-marked route. Along the route, you will come across bridges and paths which are mainly grassy or concrete.

The Ridgeway

Ridgeway Trail, Great Britain

It is one of the oldest walking trails. This trail runs from around 87 miles and it passes through two landscapes – Wessex Downs and old-fashioned villages of Chilterns. You will come across various monuments such as Neolithic stone circles and Bronze Age round barrows. The route does offer you a wide variety of scenery. Across Marlborough Downs towards the west is pretty exciting. You will find yourself walking along the cliff edge, with some gorgeous views.

Make sure you have started walking from the west owing to its prevailing winds. The Ridgeway is best for walking from April to November as the path surface, wildlife and nature is at its best. The route from Letcombe Regis to Goring is around 15 miles. This route is less strenuous as most of the surface is flat.

South Downs Way  

South Downs Way

Here you will be starting your walking adventure from Winchester to East Menon i.e. 18 miles. This walk will include few climbs, so it is recommended that you start early. Once you have crossed Exton, you will find various temporary routes and you can easily get lost, so make sure you have followed the signs. If you have carried a camera, you will have various opportunities to put your photography skills to test. Some of the key highlights are – cathedral city of Winchester, Beacon Hill, Meon Springs, and Old Winchester Hill.

Then you will travel from East Menon to Cocking i.e. 17 miles. Be prepared to climb some steep hills and you are again recommended to make an early start. From East Meon, make sure you head towards east across the country as this will give an opportunity to rejoin the South Downs Way. This trail has various key highlights including – Butser Hill, Harting Down, and Queen Elizabeth Country Park.

Cleveland Way

The Cleveland Way, England

One of the fantastic routes to enjoy walking, cycling, and horse riding through the breathtaking scenery of North York Moors National Park. You can make the most of the Cleveland Way top 5 trail experiences. Located on the edge of North York Moors National Park, enjoy Sutton Bank. You will surely cherish its wonderful views and you can also spot gliders soaring in the sky.

Take a walk from Hasty Bank to the Wainstones and you will not be disappointed. As an important part of Cleveland Way, you will surely love the trail, if you want to challenge yourself. Don’t miss the chance to grab two famous features of Cleveland Way from Great Ayton and the famous site of Captain Cook’s Monument.

Coleridge Way

Coleridge Way

This walking trail is known for its ancient woodland, deep gorges, and open moors. You get to discover timeless and pretty villages and not to mention the inspiring views, all these will make you walking experience more enjoyable. Be prepared to enjoy panoramic views by the day and by night you can enjoy your stay at the ancient thatched villages.

It is your wish whether you are interested in finishing your walk in Porlock or you can also opt for the extension of the inland via Worthy Woods before moving down to the popular Doone Valley. The Coleridge Way can be comfortably covered within 4 to 6 days and make sure you have started your walking from both directions, but most of the walkers prefer east to west.

Cumbria Way

Cumbria Way

The Cumbria Way will offer you a thrilling walking experience. The path runs from Ulverston to Carlisle through some of the picturesque locations and contrasting landscapes of Cumbria. Your first leg of Cumbria Way will take you from Ulverston to Coniston. The walk will take you to the village of Gawthwaite and you will also cross Coniston Water. Along the way, you get to explore 2634-foot-high Old Man of Coniston Fell.

The second leg of Cumbria Way will take you from Coniston to Langdale. The walk will start from the village of Coniston and it will take you to the beautiful village of Elterwater and further to Langdale. You will surely love the way as you get to enjoy Elterwater Lake, gorgeous views of Langdale Pikes, and Skelwith Force waterfalls.

The third leg of Cumbria Way is from Langdale to Keswick. Your walk will start in Great Langdale to Rosthwaite, alongwith the ways you get to enjoy Bow Fell Mountain and Langdale Pikes. Walking from Rosthwaite, you will reach Derwent Water where the coastline around the lake will take you into Keswick. Then starting from Keswick you will head towards Skiddaw House, this way will lead you to the beautiful village of Caldbeck. The final leg of your walk will take you to the finishing point of Carlisle.

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