Best RV Parks in Florida for a Memorable Vacation

Florida Keys Camping

6 Best RV Parks In Florida For A Memorable Camping Vacation

RV Camping Florida

From arts, varying cultures and astounding nightlife, to beaches, adventurous camping, and beautiful theme parks, Florida has never failed to impress. But that doesn’t mean you have to abandon your RV for some high priced hotel and crowded beaches.

The sunshine state offers more than 150 RV-friendly state and county parks that are easy to locate and range from country-style retreats to first-rate private resorts. Whether you are looking forward to having a nice time alone or planning a fantastic family vacation, these 10 RV parks will offer you an experience you won’t forget.

  • Boyd’s Key West Campground

Florida Keys Camping

Boyd’s Key West is one of the most popular spots for family vacations you can find in Key West. Owned by a family, Boyd’s Key West has continued to offer the best experience for campers, RV owners and many other visitors from around the world. Also, this is one of the few places with a variety of fun activities you can engage in with your family members including fishing, snorkeling, diving and much more.

You also get a chance to enjoy a free Wi-Fi, lounging beach, heated swimming pool, city bus service and more. Whether you are hoping to escape the boring cold winters or planning a romantic gateway, Boyd’s Key West is a place you can’t just miss.

  • Bay Bayou RV Resort

Bay Bayou RV Park Florida

Bay Bayou RV Resort is one of the top rated resorts in Florida and known for its family-friendly environment and high-end facilities. Located some few minutes from the fantastic Mexico beaches and Florida’s most enthralling attractions, Bay Bayou Resort offers you an experience you will remember.

If you enjoy group activities, you can join many other families from all over the globe at the clubhouse for swimming in a heated pool and many other events. The first time you step into the resort, you will realize that the staff prioritizes cleanliness as well as safety for the entire RV community. So, if you are looking for a place that will offer you the best family vacation, Bay Bayou should be at the top of your list.

  • Anastasia State Park

RV Resort Florida

Covering up to 1600 acres, Anastasia State Park offers you a chance to experience an abundant wildlife and a vibrant ecosystem. The park incorporates a natural trail that guides you past the maritime hammock and onto the old sand dunes. You can take a trip to the Coquina Quarry which is also a source of coquina rock that is used to build Castillo de San Marcos National Monument.

Also, you can join other families for recreational activities such as swimming, bird watching, hiking, beachcombing and more. The resort has up to 139 campgrounds all of which you will find in the maritime hammock located some walking or biking distance from the beach. Lastly, you get to enjoy a 24/7 free Wi-Fi while relaxing with your family at the resort. In Anastasia, you don’t need to leave the memory behind. Take a trip to the visitors’ gift shop and carry the memory with you.

  • St George Island 

St. George Island Florida

St George Island is loved by many for its perfect setting that offers you a chance to enjoy a variety fun activities including canoeing, camping, hiking, nature study, sunbathing, swimming and more. If you love fishing, then you will enjoy catching the rarest fish breeds including, pompano, Spanish mackerel, redfish and many others.

Also, you get a chance to enjoy a fantastic view of shore birds including black skimmer, snowy plover, willet nest and more. You don’t have to miss your favorite grilled food. You can access and use the campsite’s shelters that are fully-equipped with useful cooking items included tables and grills. Just make sure that you’ve packed some freeze dried food.

  • Lion Country Safari KOA

KOA Camp Ground at Lion Safari Florida

If you’ve never heard of an intimidating roar of an angry lion, then visiting Lion Country Safari KOA will boggle your mind. Just as the name suggest, this RV resort was designed for wildlife lovers who would love to get a closer experience with lions without risking anything. It is also one of the few Award Winning campgrounds that offer you a realistic encounter with the wild animal preserve but isolated enough so that you can enjoy your safe camping.

If your kids are dying to experience what wildlife feels like, then you will want to take them to feed some giraffe at the feeding exhibit. Lion Country Safari is not only a haven for lion lovers but a place you can get some of the nicest foods prepared in some of the nicest restaurants in Florida, enjoy some fun shopping at gift shops and more.

  • Crystal Lake RV Resort

Crystal Lake Florida

If you hate waiting in long lines or going through a lengthy procedure to rent your favorite site, then Crystal RV Resort is without a doubt your place. Apart from being one of the most popular RV-friendly resorts, this place offers a variety of fantastic activities including spas and pools all located around a 60-acre lake.

Crystal Lake is also one of the highest rated RV resorts with an amazing view of the lake with, a fantastic landscape and the coolest climate that will keep every minute you spend in it refreshing. You don’t have to stay confined in the resort until you get bored. If you have a family, you can take them for a stroll along the beautiful beaches to enjoy a warm tropical breeze in the Gulf of Mexico.

The bottom line

Whether it is summer or winter, you will never miss having fun in Florida. The sunshine state offers you a variety of family friendly as well as RV sites allowing you to enjoy all the recreational activities in town without worries. It is also one of the highly populated states with many families from around the globe placing it among the best vacation spots for family and workers. One thing you’ll love about most camping sites in the Sunshine state is the fact that most residents are RV fanatics who will never let any season pass without camping. If you are hoping to enjoy your next camping trip, start preparing early. Make sure you’ve included the most important items in your camping list and try any of these six best RV resorts in Florida.

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