Think You’ve Been Everywhere? Discover Apia, Samoa

Apia Samoa - Beach Hut

5 Incredible Things to Do Around Apia, Samoa

Located to the north-west of American Samoa are the islands of the Independent State of Samoa, formally known as Western Samoa. Comprised of two main islands, Savai’i and Upolu, and four smaller islands, Samoa is renowned for its tropical climate, white sand beaches and its friendly culture.

Apia Samoa - Beach Hut

Nowhere in the Islands is Samoa’s vibrant culture more apparent than in its bustling capital city of Apia. Located on the central north coast of Upolu, Apia is Samoa’s largest city and boasts numerous activities to that cater to almost any traveler. Located near many of Samoa’s natural attractions, Apia serves as a hub for tours departing to destinations throughout the Islands, and is also home to a range of restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

From shopping and sightseeing to swimming in picturesque cave pools, there’s no shortage of unforgettable Apia attractions.

Shopping at the Old Apia Market

Apia Marketplace, Samoa

There is something special about a market that enables a tourist to experience and meet with the local people. The Old Apia Market is a traditional market, where you can find fruits, vegetables and the most amazing and authentic Samoan crafts. The stall holders while keen for your business are friendly and helpful but in no way pushy. They will happily chat with you, and even alter clothes sizes free of charge. For anyone interested in experiencing the local culture first hand, buying some local produce or crafts, and creating some memories, the Old Apia Market is the perfect place.

Immaculate Conception of Mary Cathedral

Apia Samoa Cathedral

Whether or not you are religious, one of the best Apia attractions is the Immaculate Conception of Mary Cathedral. Although it was only built in 2012, this beautiful piece of architecture has to be seen to be believed. The ceiling has been painstakingly put together, and the paintwork is simply breathtaking. The church is free to visit, although they will take a donation should you wish to give one. If you are on holiday in Samoa it would be a grave mistake not to visit this church, it truly is a once in a lifetime experience.

Visiting The Piula Cave Pools

Apia Samoa - Cave Pools

Perhaps you are feeling a little more energetic or are looking for other things to do in Apia Samoa. In that case, you simply have to visit the world famous Piula Cave Pools. Bring a swim suit and a mask, and you will experience a wonderfully relaxing swim in crystal clear water. You will be able to get up close and personal with some friendly fish, and even some turtles. Look out for the blue starfish, and consider investing in a GoPro camera, because these are memories and experiences you will want to treasure forever.

Time for a Tour

Apia Samoa, Beach

Sometimes it is nice to get away from the centre where you are staying and experience an all day tour. With so many things to do in Samoa, it can be difficult to choose, but the Aleipata and Lalomanu tour takes in stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, and spectacular waterfalls. This trip enables tourists to see a bit more of the region and provides the opportunity for a more relaxed day than some of the other activities. Many Samoa accommodation providers are able to organise tours, and some may be able to offer discounts off the stanbdard rates, so it’s always worth asking at reception.

Dining And Nightlife Options

One of the best parts of any holiday is being exposed to the different types and styles of food around the world. In Apia, you are spoilt for choice with many great restaurants, and if you are lucky, you may even get to experience a traditional dance show, as a part of a feast night. These truly unique Samoa activities are a joy to watch and tend to happen mostly on the weekends, look out for the adverts.

Apia Samoa - Entertainers

There is always the option of a pub crawl if you are feeling more adventurous, one piece of advice would be not to sit too close to the doors, as sometimes the bouncers have to evict drunken revelers, and you don’t want to be in the middle of that.

Samoa is a beautiful country with friendly people and stunning scenery. Just be prepared to want to visit a second time as you will have a truly exciting and memorable experience.

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