Finding Luxury and Romance on the North Shore of Kauai

Napali Coast Kauai Hawaii

6 Reasons to Plan a Luxury Vacation to North Shore, Kauai

Napali Coast Kauai Hawaii

What comes to mind when someone mentions Hawaii? Sparkling waters, sandy beaches, luaus—maybe even a hula girl or two? For many, Hawaii represents the traditional luxury vacation, with gorgeous sights around every corner. Beautiful landscapes combine with exciting activities to make Hawaii a top destination for many families and newlyweds from around the world.

Many people choose to vacation on the Big Island or Maui when visiting Hawaii—these islands are certainly great destinations—but many more are discovering the luxurious setting and lush beauty found on Kauai. Referred to as the Garden Isle, Kauai is also known as the second wettest spot on Earth, averaging nearly 460 inches of rain each year. Don’t let that number scare you away though; the North Shore of Kauai holds some of the most breathtaking vistas in all of Hawaii, and it might just be your new favorite spot for a luxury vacation!

So how do you make the most out of your North Shore, Kauai vacation? Read on for a list of tips to make your Kauai vacation as special as it can be!

Spend a Day at The Secret Beach

Secret Beach North Shore Kauai

Start your luxury vacation off on the right foot with the quintessential Hawaiian activity: a trip to the beach! North Shore offers many picturesque beaches for you to enjoy, but our favorite might be the aptly named Secret Beach. Over 3000 feet long and known for its size, privacy, and scenery, Secret Beach is also known as Kauapea Beach – and is one of the can’t miss attractions in Princeville. This secluded spot is accessible by an unmarked trail, and though it is not completely “secret,” the lack of the normal crowds you’ll find on other beaches will leave you feeling like you have your own private beach.

Besides its famous privacy, Secret Beach is also well-known for the waterfall and lagoons that you’ll find nearby. The Tidal lagoons form on the west end of the beach, offering a sort of kiddie pool the children are sure to enjoy, while the waterfall is located to the east. Though it varies in flow – depending on the time of year and the weather – the waterfall almost always has at least a trickle of fresh water leading into a small pool, giving you a picturesque place to wash off the salt and the sand, and just relax for a while.

Swim in the Queen’s Bath

If you’re not done with the surf, why not continue your luxury trip to Princeville by swimming like royalty in the Queen’s Bath? This unique, swimmable sinkhole is filled with aquatic life and crystal clear water, all while offering some truly spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.

Queen's Bath Kauai Hawaii

Just a pleasant 10-minute hike past a waterfall, down to a rocky landscape of lava rock that borders the open ocean, this scenic attraction is one of the most popular swimming spots on the North Shore. On calm weather days, this scenic tidepool provides still waters and a gorgeous spot to float, relax, and experience the natural beauty that makes up the entirety of the North Shore. A word of caution for wary travelers however, always check the weather forecast before making your way to the Queen’s Bath! The surf can get as high as 12-15 feet, shattering the still of the normally placid swimming hole, and causing potential hazards for all but the most experienced swimmers. For more information about the Queen’s Bath, click here!

Attend a Luau

It seems like every movie set in Hawaii includes a luau, so why wouldn’t you also want to experience one during your trip? This traditional Hawaiian experience includes great food and entertainment. The highlight of a luau has to be the kalua pork—pig cooked in an underground oven or pit. This mouthwatering dish is often accompanied by limu (edible seaweed), mahimahi (dolphinfish), teriyaki beef, and other delectable sides.

Hawaii Luau
Source:  Flickr

Accompanying the meal, you will also enjoy an incredible show! Hula dances are performed at most luaus, but you will also find that many luaus include storytelling. Take a trip down to the Wailua River Valley to experience The Smith Family Garden Luau in Kapaa. While they aren’t directly on the North Shore, this traditional luau is certainly worth the drive. Their dancers and storytellers will transport you to another world with their award-winning luau performance

Visit Limahuli and Princeville Botanical Gardens

A pair of botanic gardens, Limahuli Garden and Princeville Botanical Garden, make for a wonderful natural experience when visiting Princeville. The Limahuli Garden and Preserve is backdropped by the Makana Mountain, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Home to agricultural terraces with Taro cultivars, as well as other plants significant to North Shore’s early inhabitants, this attraction provides unique insight into the agricultural history of the island – while also providing some of the most gorgeous sights Princeville has to offer.

Kauai Botanical Gardens

Princeville Botanical garden, on the other hand, is a more traditional – yet still gorgeous – botanical garden, featuring Cacao orchards, majestic fruit trees, exotic flowers, beehives, and more. However, the true attraction are the fruit and chocolate tastings that take place on a daily basis, giving you samples of the delicious and natural offerings of this unforgettable grove.

End your Day With a Mount Makana Sunset – A True Gift from Heaven

Makana – known as Fireworks Cliff– is located at the end of HI-560 W, and truly deserves the meaning behind its name: A Gift from Heaven. This luscious mountain is part of the Limahuli garden, but overlooks a romantic beach area with soft sand and panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. Here, you can catch one of those famous Hawaiian sunsets, or watch the stars reminiscent of fiery torches once hurled into the ocean during the ancient and renowned fire-throwing Ohai ceremony. It is also a well-traversed beach area, making it a great spot to lay out your towel and enjoy the beauty of this famous pyramid shaped mountain.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget; Maniniholo Dry Cave is on the way to Makana , also along the HI-560 W. Stop on your way in or out to experience one of the more unique sights that North Shore has to offer!

North Shore Kauai –  An Unforgettable Luxury Vacation

With more gorgeous sightseeing locales than you’ll know what to do with, some of the most delectable dining experiences you’ll find on any of the islands, and a naturalistic beauty that must be seen to be believed, North Shore Kauai is truly a destination you won’t soon forget.


About The Author:  Brian Bates is an online travel blogger located in Arizona. He has traveled all over and written for a variety of publications across the web, and currently is a content provider and contributor for Princeville Vacation Rentals! Click here to learn more about the area!

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