Mount Abu India
29 May

Best Sites to Visit in Mount Abu India

Best Places to Visit in Mount Abu India

Mount Abu India

Rajasthan, India is a land of culture and traditions and is the largest state of India in terms of the area. Filled with vivid culture and diverse geographical area, Rajasthan though is known for its long stretched golden deserts, hot and scorching days of summer, and people covering long desert way in search of water. As said ‘Exceptions are always there’, even this hot state has a place which is in contrast to the behavior of the state.

We are talking about beautiful region of Mount Abu which is famous as the only Hill-Station of Rajasthan.  This beautiful, serene and charming place is filled with natural abundance and its scenic views are a treat for the eyes. Nestled in the Sirohi district, it is one of most famous tourist attractions in Rajasthan. Not only known by people from around the nearby areas of the state, but it is also visited by many international visitors.

In this post we have brought to you a consolidated list of places to visit in Mount Abu through which you would be able to enjoy the maximum pleasure of the greenery, beauty and cloud covering hills and unwind yourself in the charismatic charm of the place.

  1. Nakki Lake

Nakki Lake Mt. Abu India
Source:  by Koshy Koshy is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Lakes are always fascinating and when it comes to Nakki Lake of Mount Abu it has something that will make your Rajasthan tour memorable. The shimmering lake nestled amidst the serene surrounding city and is wrapped with the magnificent Aravalli Ranges. While visiting here you will feel as if you have stepped in into the heaven. Strolling around the lake will help in unwinding yourself. Boating is the thing which is loved and adored by every travellers. Nakki Lake is the perfect place to get rejuvenated.

  1. Dilwara Temples

Dilwara Temple Mt Abu India

Showcasing the Jain values of honesty and peace, the architecture of Dilwara Temple is another place among the major attractions in Mount Abu. The architecture of the temple is spectacular and is the epitome of lavishness. The five shrines of the temple are dedicated to the five Tirthankar of the Jainism; these are Adinath, Rishabhdev, NemiNathji, Mahavir Swami and Parshvanat. Due to its intrigue carving and architectural design these temples are indeed famous around the travellers who visit this place from across the globe.

  1. Sun Set Point

Do you ever wish to watch the beautiful scenes of the nature where sun rises behind the mountains, shimmering lakes lying ahead of it, plush green landscape is spread and beautiful birds flying over you? Well, Sun Set Point in Mount Abu is the place where your dream might come true. Sun set point is known for offering a beautiful view of the majestic mountain valley and shimmering Nakki Lake. This place is located in such a way that the temperature here in most of the time during a year remains cold, which makes this place a perfect summer retreat.  All newly-wed couples can visit the Honeymoon point which is nestled very close to Sun Set Point and is filled with many food vendors and souvenir shops.

  1. Guru Shikhar

Known as the highest peak of Mount Abu, Guru Shikhar is also the highest point of all Aravalli Ranges. Travellers from around the world love to visit this destination to cherish its natural beauty and charm. Travellers visit here under their Rajasthan Tour Packages and can indulge themselves in the adventurous activities like trekking, mountain climbing and much more. From the top of the peak you, the aerial of the surrounding is something that will make your holidays memorable.

Guru Shikhar also houses an ancient temple of Guru Dattatreya who is considered as the incarnation of Hindu trinity Lord Brahmma Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. The Nakki Lake in the southern side of the Guru Shikhar point will just enhances the charm of the area.

  1. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Blessed with natural abundance and charming scenery, Mount Abu is also houses a beautiful Wildlife Sanctuary. This wildlife sanctuary is nestled amidst the oldest mountain ranges in India. The area became a wildlife sanctuary in 1980. The sanctuary is filled with some of the exotic flora and fauna species.   Along with Leopards, you can also find some rarest species of animals here such as hyena, jackal, wild boar, pangolin, Indian Hare and hedgehog.

Other Places to Consider Visiting

The hill-station is huge and it is filled with many wonders. Though the above discussed places are consider as the best tourist spots that you can visit during your India tourism. Here some more names which you can consider visiting when you will travel to Mount Abu. These places are – Peace Park, The Abu Road, Brahma Kumari Spiritual University, Adhar Devi Temple and many more places, each is beautiful in its own individual way.

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