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14 Jun

How to Earn Money While Traveling the World

Money is one of the main things that holds people back when they’re feeling the urge to travel the world. It seems almost impossible to save up enough money to take a few months off from your everyday life and experience the planet. You don’t necessarily have to go travling with a loaded wallet – there are plenty of things you can do to generate an income while you’re living a jet-set life.

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Profit Off of Your Home

If you’re not using your home while you’re away, someone else would be glad to. You can rent out your property to a friend or a relative. If you have extra space, such as a basement, you can use a site like Spacer to rent out that space to people who need room for storage. This is a great compromise if you don’t want other people to live in your house, but you’d still like to see a few extra dollars coming in.

Take Your Job with You

If you have any skills, such as copywriting, coding, editing, or web design, you can become a freelancer. You’ll be able to work from anywhere, and doing your job is as simple as finding a secure internet connection. Your current job may allow you to retain your position as a remote team member, depending on what it is that you do. Ask your employer if they have any opportunities for you to continue working while you travel.

Start a Travel Blog

Travel blogs won’t always bring in the big bucks right away, but if you can build up an audience and develop a relationship with sponsors or advertisers, they do have the ability to become lucrative opportunities. Many people who can’t travel enjoy living vicariously through others. By chronicling your experiences for the world and including unique pictures of your adventures, you’ll be helping others satisfy their thirst for travel while putting some cash in your pocket.

Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages

English is the third most popular language in the world. People who live in countries that primarily utilize a different language are always looking to learn English. If you have any kind of college education, you can probably find a spot teaching English to students in these countries. If you can’t find a formal position, you can always offer up your services as a private English tutor. Parents would be happy for you to help their children with their English skills, and University students may appreciate your tutelage while they’re in school.

Pick up a Gig in the Tourism Industry

You aren’t the only person from your native country visiting your destination. Just about every place you go will have some kind of a tourist industry, even if it’s modest. Since you’re familiar with the language and colloquialisms of the area you’re from, it would be easy for you to serve as a tour guide to similar people. You can also work at popular tourist traps like restaurants and hotels. Since many of these positions are seasonal, it’s easy to bounce around. Tourist season ended where you’re at? Time to move on to the next adventure!

One of the best things about working on the move is that you never have an opportunity to feel burned out. When you’re tired of utilizing one avenue of making money, you can always find a new one at a new place – perhaps on the other side of the planet. Just budget wisely and work as often as you can, and you can travel for as long as your heart desires.

About The Author:  Emma Lewis is a loving mother, a devoted wife and a part of the team supporting Spacer – a company helping you find storage space whenever you need it. Emma is also a staunch supporter of the sharing economy and often mentions its benefits.