7 Reasons To Bring The Whole Family to Galveston Texas

Galveston Pleasure Pier

7 Family Fun Activities in Galveston, Texas

Galveston Texas Beach
“Umbrellas on Galveston Beach”
by Dana Smith is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Family vacations are where lifelong memories are made. There’s nothing quite like spending a few days (or a week or two) exploring a new city, taking in all the sights and sounds, and visiting the best attractions of the area. These moments are all the more magical in young hearts; your children will never forget their first trip to the beach or their first ride on a roller coaster. So why not go somewhere where you can make both these memories and lots more: Galveston, Texas!

Galveston is a dream vacation destination that many people seem to overlook. With a plethora of unique museums, plenty of gorgeous beaches, and a collection of exciting theme parks, Galveston is a true paradise for those looking to get away from their everyday lives. There’s truly something for everyone when you visit Galveston, but families will find that many of the local activities and attractions are appropriate for both the young and old alike. If you’re thinking about taking a family vacation anytime soon, check out some of the great family friendly activities below to see why you should be planning a trip to Galveston.

Beachfront Fun for the Whole Family

Traditional beach activities such as swimming and build a sandcastle are some of our favorite memories, and Galveston has many beautiful beaches for you to choose from during your visit. Galveston is even the host of an annual sandcastle building competition; viewing the incredible sandy creations of architects and engineers from around the world is sure to be memory your children won’t forget! Stewart Beach, East Beach, and Galveston Island State Park are just some of the spots you can visit with your family to enjoy the surf and sand.

The Galveston Pleasure Pier

Galveston Pleasure Pier
“Pleasure Pier, Galveston”
by Mary Madigan is licensed under CC BY 2.0

First conceived as a recreational spot for military personnel, Galveston’s Pleasure Pier has evolved into a full-fledged amusement park, filled with rides, shops, and restaurants. Your little ones will enjoy small rides like the carousel and the Texas tea cups, while the older members of the family will love the Iron Shark roller-coaster and the Pirate’s Plunge water ride.

Moody Gardens

Moody Gardens is more than just your average amusement park; it combines the fun of an amusement park, water park, and aquarium into one exciting and educational location! Explore the educational side of the park at the Discovery Museum and in the Rainforest Pyramids; connect with the world around you! Then head out on the lazy river, jump into the wave pool, or zipline over the park. There’s an endless array of activities for you and your family here at Moody Gardens!


If the water park fun of Moody Gardens sounded great, Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Water Park will deliver even more thrills! This famous water park features everything you could want: wave pools, slides, a lazy river, a river of rapids, kiddie areas and more. Enjoy a full day of wet adventures at Schlitterbahn in Galveston.

The Galveston Children’s Museum

Moody Mansion’s bottom floor features a museum completely dedicated to children. This unique museum offers entertaining and educational exhibits that will capture the hearts of the younger members of your family—but you might find yourself enjoying it as well! Admission is only $7, but can you really put a price on your child’s smiling face?

Dolphin and Whale Watching Tours

Dolphin Pod

There’s nothing quite like speeding over the waters of the Gulf of Mexico searching for some of the most intriguing undersea creatures around. You and your children will love the dolphin and whale watching tours offered in Galveston, Texas. See these playful animals up close; many dolphins like to swim right up next to your boat! Your child will be talking about the whale spout they saw for days to come.

Menard Park

Kids will be kids, and sometimes they just want to run around and play at the park. Menard Park in Galveston is a great spot for them to do just that, with a full jungle gym, a splash pad, and even a nearby dog park—perfect if you happen to have brought your furry family member as well! Get back to basics at this enjoyable public park near the Historic Pleasure Pier.

Galveston Will Surprise You

This is just a small sample of the available adventures awaiting you in Galveston. The Texas Seaport Museum, Ocean Star Oil Rig Museum, American Undersea Warfare Museum, and many, many more unique attractions are all part of what makes Galveston a complete vacation getaway experience. Discover for yourself why so many families choose Galveston for their vacation destination!

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