10 Luxury Private Jet Travel Trends

Luxury Private Jet

10 luxury travel trends set to dominate the private flying industry

Private jet aviation is not just about finding a private jet to use. There are many factors that you should consider to ensure that you get the best services. Because the number of private jet companies is increasing, each trying to provide better services that the other to get themselves more customers. All businesses are trying to show customers that they have the best icing. There are emerging trends that are making the choice of private jet flying companies very competitive to the benefit of  consumers.

  1.    There’s An App For That

In 2007, if you had told anyone that you would ever be able to book a private jet using your mobile device, they would have said you are crazy. Today, however, ordering a private jet is just like ordering an Uber, easy fast and convenient. This is one trend that that is likely to continue to improve over time.

  1.    Lower rates for long range flying

For the longest time, private jet travels have been priced on an hourly basis. If you want to know how much you will be paying, multiply the hourly rates with the number of hours you will be using the jet. Today, however, private jet companies are cutting costs by up to 30% for long range travels.

  1.    Partnerships

Private jets today are not just about getting from point A to point Z, they have also formed partnerships with hotels and resorts where their customers can enjoy resting after long hours of traveling. These alliances make it easier for customers to make payments, get better services and know what to expect in term of services during their trips.

  1.    Party hearty

Private Jet Luxury Travel

If you love partying, you will enjoy this trend.  Recent trends show that more and more companies are helping their customers through parties on board for their friends and business associates.  Most companies offer their clients great parties after all-star game events for instance, where customers can continue celebrating their teams.

  1.    Health Services

If you are worried about not getting medical attention quickly, you no longer have to be concerned. Private jet companies are now collaborating with clinics and hospitals too. If you are feeling unwell during your travel or are extremely exhausted, the companies will be in charge of taking you to the nearest hospital or clinic for a checkup.

  1.    Safety

Private jet companies are not just responsible for the safety of your valuables; most will also arrange with some of the world’s best executive protection consultants who will be in charge of protecting high-risk individuals.

  1.    Groups

No matter how much money you are making in an hour, the desire to save some money is omnipresent. You have the opportunity to book the entire plane, but private companies are now allowing customers to use their apps to find other travelers and accommodate them on the plane and share the cost of the charter. It will be fun to travel with other people, and it will also save you money.

  1.    Increased luxury

Luxury Private Jet

Sure, there is a high level of luxury associated with private flying. Private jet companies are  increasing the luxury of using their private jets all the time. You will now experience improved in-flight entertainment, fittings and accessories that are more luxurious, better food and drinks, leather finishing and comfortable furniture in the jets. Even the cabin fragrance is exotic and high-end.

  1.    Customization

If you are thinking about buying your own jet, you should investigate shared ownerships as well.  If you do not enjoy booking a private jet charter, you should ensure that you can buy your jet for increased luxury. You will also have the freedom to choose which celebrity designer will remodel your jet for you.

  1.    Remote destinations

Far- flung and remote destination requests from clients are increasingly familiar. Companies are now trying to create a personalized experience for their customers. You can take advantage of this feature and have the companies take you most anywhere you want. This means we are going to see more leisure demands for hard to reach places that were previously inaccessible with private jets.

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