4 Unforgettable Adventures in Greenland

Greenland Harbor

4 Unforgettable Things to See and Experience When Visiting Greenland

Greenland has been making waves as an emerging tourist destination for over several years now. There was time when people visited Iceland to witness an icy and chilled landscape, but now Greenland has taken over as the pristine place to discover. Not only does it have great icy space, but also friendly towns and a culture bustling with life.

Greenland Harbor

Now if you are planning your next trip to the northern most place in the world, Greenland should be your pick for a variety of reasons. We have written this article bearing in mind how a first time visitor can make the most out of his trip to Greenland.

Sail Amongst the Icebergs

Greenland Iceburg Sail

You might think it’s a dangerous thing to do at first, but it quickly turns into an experience of a lifetime. An iceberg sailing tour is among the main attractions of this northern most part of the world. Accompanied by an expert, you can visit the narrow passages between the icebergs letting you absorb nature’s best form of art.

Greenland Iceburg

During summers, you will find icebergs melting and drifting southward. In this whole melting process, if you are lucky, you can even spot a whale or two. For any Greenlander boat rides are a must and you should not miss out on this opportunity while you are there. One important point to note, that if you are going to take multiple trips, remember there is no designated path. Every trip will be made of new route or take a different path.

Dog Sledding Tour

Another awesome attraction when visiting Greenland is the famous dog sledding tour. In Greenland popular modes of transport are boat rides (as mentioned above) and snowmobiling which has largely replaced the dog sledding. However, you can still experience dog sledding with your tour guide.

Dog Sledding Greenland

During this tour you will see a bond between the musher and his dogs as the dogs pound through the snow with their paws in a rhythmic motion carrying you on a sled. Dog sledding is most enjoyed in winter time in Greenland, and even under the cold temperatures it is an exhillarating ride.

Make sure to wear local sealskin garb or are covered in a reindeer blanket whilst sledding or you will experience the chill of a lifetime.  The gushing of the wind as dogs are running can be an epic climate extreme one may have to undergo.  In Greenland dog sledding has been an integral part of their culture for centuries. There are dozens of myths and legends detailing how dog sledding is responsible for the 5,000 years old rich history of Greenland. So be prepared to bump into any or all of them.

Ice Cap Trekking

The name is Greenland but the place is covered in ice, and I mean a lot of ice. There is a growing concern that most of Greenland’s ice will melt away, until it does, you can avail yourself of a hike out to an ice cap. Now what is a hike to an ice cap?

There is a place called Iceview Plateau Hike in the south of Greenland which departs from the Narsaruaq and takes about 5-6 hours in order to be completed. The hike is a pleasant journey offering you with a wide variety of scenes on the way where a milky-blue river can be seen making its way through the valleys.  Then there is the incline where the real hike commences. There are markings with bright blue ropes which you need to hold on to while making your way up. The altitude is 300 meters but once at the top you get the bird’s eye view of the Iceview Plateau (oh, and it rhymes too!).

Ice Cap Hike Greenland
Photo via Flickr, by Francesco Muratori

The place has glacial boulders all around it. Should you choose, make your descent into the valley and you get to walk on a 10,000 year old sheet of ice. This will give you the feel of Beyond the Wall from Game of Thrones episode, which if you’re a fan of.

Experience Traditional Local Cuisine

Now, you have walked on the ice and have taken a boat ride and rode dog sleds, it’s time to eat. Greenland packs its own traditional style cuisines. For first time visitors it is essential that they try some local favorites from a wide variety of dishes. You can begin with Suaasat, a soup made from seal and is a national dish.

In meals you will usually find meat and seafood as these are integral elements of the Greenlandic diet. Reindeer meat is consumed the most. For side dishes, you can have berry compotes made from blueberries and crowberries. You can treat yourself to Greenlandic coffee when you are done with the meal.

If coffee is not your thing, go for beer. The ice beer here is made with a 2,000 year old Arctic ice water. It is brewed by the Godthaab Bryghus and the Icefiord Bryghus.

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