Top Tips For Taking Great Travel Pictures

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Beach Travel Photo

4 Top Tips for Taking Perfect Travel Photos!

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Ever noticed how the holiday pictures clicked by some people seem like the postcards they could have purchased at the airport?! Whether it’s about the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower, people everywhere do their best to capture these iconic symbols in the best possible ways. After all, that’s the reason we travel to exotic locations, to experience them first-hand and then capture them in a way that we can rekindle those memories at a later time. This is where an effective photo printing and editing tool like Mixbook comes into the picture (you can read a detailed Mixbook review here). However, apart from using such a tool, you can also employ some important tips and ensure that your travel pictures turn out no less than the postcards we mentioned above! Let’s go over some of these tips below:

Ensure There Are People in Your Pictures!

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Rather than capturing tourists, you must click local people during your visits abroad. Folks like the ones selecting flowers at some market, buying daily paper, chatting over morning walks or simply having coffee at some local café can add a lot of value to your photo album.

In case you find some time to indulge in street photography, it would be best to pick your spot and then wait. Something interesting may surely happen, allowing you to chase the story and take it back home. Human element always increases the interest-quotient in the travel pictures.

Make a Story Using Some Frames

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You can easily create a story by taking a wide shot of some popular marketplace or important landmark, thus setting the grounds for the story you are about to tell. Thereafter, shoot some close ups of items selling at the place, children laughing, people handing over money, perhaps some old guy smoking a pipe etc. All such travel images can go a long way in making your photo album more unique and memorable. You can even use these images to create a huge montage for your living room or bedroom wall back home!

Resist the Conventional Approach

Whenever you visit some popular landmark like the Statue of Liberty or Eiffel Tower, try clicking your pictures with a different perspective. Opt for close ups of bolts and metal beams. Click the repeated patterns. The idea is to be creative in your own unique way and develop a story in the process. Taking pictures of architectural details can perfectly complement any conventional images of these landmarks in your album.

Statue of Liberty Perspective

Avoid Boring Family Shots

Rather than taking those monotonous family shots, with landmarks in the backdrop, you must take some action pictures of your family members, perhaps when they’re eating fresh baguette in France, playing ball with locals in Spain etc. You’d cherish such pictures for many years to come.

Beach Travel Photo

Such images often evoke fun memories of things that must have happened during those travels, and would bring a smile on your face every time you look at the photo album!





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