Hawaii Must-Do Activities: Step by Step Guide

Maui Sunset Hawaii

Top Fun Things to Do in Hawaii: Coffee, Surf and Taste Sensations

Maui Sunset Hawaii

Tickets..? In… Luggage..??- Checked… Passports..??? In…

Phew…. Packing can be fatiguing for long trips to foreign countries and especially for honeymoon and romantic vacations.  And if your journey is to the Hawaiian Islands, you’ll want clothes for relaxed days at the beach as well as chic evening attire for stepping out.  For a mix of activities for all types of visitors, here is a comprehensive list of top fun things to do in Hawaii whether it’s your first visit or one of many.

E Komo Mai, Aloha Aina! (Meaning, Welcome and Love our home…)

  • Eat the Street in Kakaako

Hawaii Fruit Market

The Hawaiian Islands are a melting pot of cultures and cuisines.  You should know that food trucks are a major part of the Hawaiian food culture and children grow up knowing a wide variety of dishes sold from these trucks.  The site of children running behind the trucks can be a common site.

Eat the Street is a themed event that takes place every month on the last Friday in the well known foodie district of Kakaako,  Don’t worry if you’re a picky eater..!!  You will find everything that appeases your hunger and taste buds.  From burgers to waffle dogs, fresh squeezed lemonade and assorted local favorites, this is a wonderful neighborhood to sample the amazing flavors of Hawaii.  Be certain to taste the rich local coffee which is primarily grown in Kona on The Big Island.

  • Rise with the Sun & Set with it

The sea kissing the gentle sea, you will always get a heavenly feeling while you sit there to bask in the sun. You can also dip yourself in the ocean to know the true nature and actually appreciate the power and magic of nature.

Hawaiian Sunrise

Waimanalo Beach is also great to bid farewell to the Sun. You can also take some great pictures in front of the docks or near the beach showers.

  • Surf and Snorkel

Without any doubt, snorkeling and surfing are the #1 activity you can do in Hawaii! When you travel to the incredible and beautiful Hawaiian Islands, make sure that you book a snorkeling excursion. The soft coral that grows in the warm Pacific waters is a site to see.

Hawaii is where surfing originated, and there is no shortage of wonderful surfing beaches to explore.  Whether you want the gentle lapping waves of Hanalei Bay on Kauai, or dramatic pounding surf of the north shore of Oahu, there is surf for everyone.  It’s easy for visitors to find instructors and boards to rent.

Surfing in Hawaii

Just imagine being able to see the Green Hawaiian Sea Turtle swimming in its natural backdrop with abundant tropical fish in the Pacific waters, how would you feel?  Additionally, you may get to see Spinner Dolphins and the North Pacific Humpback Whales.

  • Whale Watching

While you are touring the Hawaiian Islands, make sure that you book your seat for the most magical event of your trip, go whale watching!  Here you can see the great North Pacific Humpback Whales in action, and feel ecstatic to see these huge creatures.

Whale Watching Hawaii

With luck, you will get to see the 40-tonnes Humpback Whales dancing and jumping gracefully through the clear Pacific Waters!!!   These whales travel to the warm waters of Hawaii give birth and raise their young.   This is one of the few spots in the world where you can see pods of whales and their babies all swimming together.

  • Luaus

Showcasing the Polynesian heritage, this Hawaiian styled feast is one of the most attended activities by the tourists in Hawaii. It is an adage in Hawaii that one must visit at least one Luau in their lifetime!! If you are trying to find the appropriate Luau for yourself and your tripping friends, then don’t fear, they are offered at many resort hotels and venues throughout the islands.

Hawaii Fire Dance

Enjoy and celebrate an evening of Hawaiian culture, music and tastes with local performers.  Bring your family of all ages to learn some arts and craft as well. You won’t find it difficult to get lost in the melody of the drums with hula and fire performances. Celebrate and give thanks to your loved in the feel and presence of the Hawaiian culture.

  • Rock the Golf Course!!

For all golf enthusiasts, playing a round of golf in the Hawaiian Islands is a piece of heaven. Whether you are a golf student or a golf professional, the Hawaiian Islands provide some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world.

Hawaii Golf Course

You’ll be able to find both magnificent private courses that can be booked through your resort as well as a wide vairety of beautiful public courses as well.  The views are truly stunning taking in mountain peaks and rugged coastlines.


Time and again, the Hawaiian Islands has proved themselves on the top notched spot for an active and romantic trip. So whenever you can, plan to experience the rich Hawaiian culture with their rituals and traditions, and the stunning scenery on all of the Hawaiian Islands.

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