Backpackers Guide to Amsterdam’s Budget Hostels

Amsterdam Hostel Guide

Backpackers Guide to Budget-Friendly Hostels In Amsterdam

Amsterdam Hostel Guide

With beautiful structures, ecletic coffeehouses, expanded canal frameworks, excellent museums, and the Red Light District, it’s no big surprise that Amsterdam, the “Venice of the North” is on top of every people’s bucket list. A visit to some hostels in Amsterdam can be very costly unless you plan ahead of time.

With the assistance of this article, you will have every one of the tricks and tips to make your backpacking journey in Amsterdam budget-friendly and less expensive trip.

Flying Pig Uptown Hostel in Amsterdam

It is located near at the museum district and the Vondelpark, the Flying Pig Uptown was being modernized in 2010. In Uptown you will experience the party-centric atmosphere with some detoxing properties of the Vondelpark just next door.

Rejksmuseum Amsterdam

You can also borrow an inline skate to explore the place easily. Always be warned that the hostel is very strict on its under-35s policy.


Another good spot for backpackers in Amsterdam is the CitizenM. Through humble beginnings, CitizenM first started as an Airport hotel, transitioning into today’s hotel. CitizenM is known amongst the tourists in the city because of quality service and clean rooms. CitizenM is also close to the centre where the tram is waiting to take you on your next adventures.

Stayokay Hostel Amsterdam Zeeburg

This modern hotel opened in 2007. It offers excellent and spacious rooms with attractive designs and colorful tones. It also has an expansive dining area, and excellent showers and toilets. You don’t have to worry because all the staffs are well-trained and professionals who will look after you, day and night.

Its location is on the east side of the city. The building also shared space with Studio, restaurant, bar, club, cinema, and a bike rental shop, so that you can explore the center of the place in only minutes.

Backstage Hotel

The Backstage owners are music lovers from the hotel’s name itself, and the interior designs and theme are guitars and memorabilia adorn the walls sponsored by Jack Daniel’s.

The location is very friendly if you are a music lover because it’s just minutes away from the hotel. Make sure to check out Paradiso and Melkweg. All the pieces of furniture are inspired by a flight case to recreate an authentic room vibe. There is also a Guitar Hero room that you can use to enjoy the place.

St Christopher’s at the Winston

Like its adjoining club, the Winston hotel is very fantastic because of its character. The edge of the red light district has nearby shops, S&M clubs, restaurants, and bars.

Amsterdam Red Light District

The Dam Square and cultural outings are just a few walks away. You can also check in on some affordable hotels near the place. It’s best to get a private room for the best and unique stay in Amsterdam, St. Christopher’s does just that: a unique and up close look at the life of people in Amsterdam.

Stayokay Hostel in Amsterdam Vondelpark

Whether you’ve already visited Amsterdam before or it’s your first time heading to the place, chances are, you will find your way to a hippy hangout place called Vondelpark. Enjoy this area for picnicking, drinking, lounging, skating or cycling.

Despite the high numbers coming to this Hostel, they are always maintaining the cleanliness of the place, making it the most friendly option for the travelers. Aside from the cleanliness, the service that guests get from the staff are good. Expect nothing less when you check in at Stayokay Hostel.

Hans Brinker Budget Hotel

Although this place looks fairly simple, this budget-friendly hotel is all about price and location. It has a quiet courtyard on your doorstep. If you are that traveler who wants to save more money, Brinker is the place to go because it’s very affordable and convenient.

The sleeping rooms are well-arranged with lockers and metal bunks and are stiffly-shaped, but the place is still tidy. It’s the perfect place for some travelers who like to fall asleep in one of the surrounding bars. Just always remember to drink responsibly.


Amsterdam is indeed a dream destination for those tourist who want to start their journey throughout Europe. Being open and warm to its visitors, Amsterdam offers unique places for each and every one of them to visit. When it comes to accommodation, there’s no shortage of places that can satisfy your preferences.

Amsterdam at night

Places such as the Flying pig and Hans Brinker budget hotel all provide affordable places to stay without being too far from the city centre. Other ideal hotels in the city include Stayokay hotels, Backstage hotel, and St. Christopher’s at the Winston.

Traveling on a budget and finding the right place to chill out after long travel is not a problem anymore. Fortunately, by following the itinerary above and putting together all the list of sites and hostels in Amsterdam, you will surely enjoy all the activities that you want to try on a hassle-free manner.

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