Ultimate Relaxation Destinations in Asia

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Phuket Thailand Infinity Swimming Pool

5 Exotic Destinations in Asia for Ultimate Relaxation

In our over-stressed lives, everyone needs a holiday away from everything in order to relax and find his lost power in order to handle the daily pressure. Exotic locations, ancient, traditional, therapeutic methods and services available in Asia, promise the visitor an ultimate experience in relaxation and unforgettable moments.

Asia Relaxation Destinations

Holidays are usually about staying up at night, touring around all day, tasting new dishes and new cocktails too. A new trend is on the rise; creating a type of holiday where relaxation and resting are the main purpose.  One where you return to your daily life reinvigorated, relaxed and renewed.

Asia is one of the leading choices for those who prefer this kind of relaxation with a huge variety of resorts that will take the visitor away from the stress and the noise of his everyday life. Let’s see the most famous of them.

India: Yoga in the Himalayas

Who wouldn’t love to have some days of ultimate relaxation so close to the Himalayas? There are a lot of great spas and resorts next to the Himalayas and their rhythm is so far away from your everyday life. There is a variety of things you can do there such as rafting and kayaking along the Ganges River or visiting the Rishis, the birthplace of yoga – so get ready to test your flexibility. Whenever you choose to stay you will be treated with all the foods that bring balance to body and make you feel healthy.

Yoga Relaxation Outdoors in Mountains

You can also visit some yoga experts so you can learn about the program you need to follow.   Daily massage, ancient traditional treatments, daily yoga and meditation lessons take place in various venues. Among the programs you will find a variety of ways to help you quit smoking, control diabetes and cholesterol, and more, while alternative treatments include reek lessons, chromo therapy, chakra therapy, and more.


In the wooded hills near Bud, there are a lot of resorts that are devoted to healing your mind, your body and your spirit .Bali is the ultimate destination for those who are seeking relaxation, who want to spend their vacation in the wild but want a luxurious lifestyle too. Vacations in Bali include rejuvenating massage, facials and various treatments, while your meals can be taken at restaurants in the suburbs of Ubud that offer quality and tasty food.

Bali Spa

You can also try yoga, Pilates and other wellness practices, as well as nutrition with raw and organic foods. You can also enjoy fitness and martial arts learnt are the locals, and other activities such as hiking, cycling and rafting will make the most relaxed program so promising for the visitor. If you don’t want to spend some time outdoors, you can just enjoy your fresh smooth at the infinity pool Bali has at the most of its resorts.


If you are looking for a course, boot-camp, triathlon or self-defense training, Phuket is the perfect place for you. In Phuket you will live the experience of improving your life and your health through sports and a more active lifestyle. It is worldwide known that Phuket is the training destination for a lot of famous athletes all around the world every year.

Phuket Thailand Infinity Swimming Pool

You will find yourself wondering what to choose between football, tennis, rugby, triathlon, martial arts whatever you choose, one thing is for sure, that your day will end in a relaxed way, such as yoga.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Buddha

Sri Lanka is the perfect destination if you want to ‘’clean’’ your body and your spirit. It is an obvious choice for relaxation and meditation too. Whenever you decide to stay, you will have the opportunity of having daily massage therapies, of drinking with herbs and following special short termed diets, so your body can regain its lost balance, while there are not a few those who visit it and for more serious health problems. Most, however, combine holistic medicine with a relaxing holiday on Sri Lanka’s beaches and splendid locations.


The Philippines is a destination in Asia that cannot be compared to any other one. With a variety of resorts outside of the Philippines’ capital of Manila ready to fulfill every visitor needs, one thing is for sure: you will feel the absolute  holistic rejuvenation in a coconut-friendly coconut plantation.

Philippines, Coconut, Beach

The area is very famous for its detoxification practices that focusing on procedures of body purification with psycho-emotional detoxification. There you will find the first and best vegan Asian restaurant in the world, as well as burdock restaurants, with fresh fruit and vegetable which just came out of the garden. You should try out the extra virgin coconut oil, indulge in yoga and detoxification feel like you just came back in Earth from the planet of relaxation.

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