How Tech Has Improved International Travel

How Tech Developments Have Improved Your Travel Experience

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Technology is bringing the world closer and more connected than ever before. Today, someone in China can have a conversation with a friend in Australia about a recent trip to Vietnam while instantly sharing photos via a mobile app. We often take it for granted, but technology has significantly improved and altered how and where we travel. If you have been traveling recently, it would have been a completely different experience to that of 30 or even 20 years ago. Here is how technology has improved global travel:

Review and Book Your Trip at Home

For starters, finding, booking and paying for your trip is easier than ever before. Gone are the days when you had to take a trip out to your local travel agent to get holiday ideas and book your flights. Now you can scan the Internet for the cheapest flights and build your own holiday with transfers, connecting flights, hotel stays and everything in between while sitting on the couch.

At the same time, you can use the vast amount of user reviews to decide which hotel would suit your needs and how close it is to the major tourist attractions. There are plenty of sites dedicated to reviewing hotels and attractions; the only issue might be deciding on how much time you dedicate to research.

All the Books and Music You Need

It is said that there is an art to traveling, at least comfortably that is. Technology has improved our lives in this area too. If you are the type of person who brings along loads of books, or has to buy something to read at the airport, e-readers give you the ability to bring with a stack of books that would have taken up all the space in your suitcase. Similarly, your smartphone or mp3 player can hold enough music to last for months. You can use streaming services via the hotel or airport Wi-Fi to download and listen to new tracks or you can even enjoy online casino gambling on the move too.

Paperless Transactions and Wi-Fi Calling

You might still remember the days of traveller’s cheques. Today, chip-based international money cards can be used all over the world and loaded with as much funds as you need. You can even use payment apps on your smartphone to pay for taxis, souvenirs and even street food while overseas. Back in the day, keeping in touch meant buying an international calling card and finding a pay phone. Today, you don’t even need to get a local sim card to stay in touch. With hotel/airport WIFI and local hotspots, you can use app-based phone services to text or talk to your loved ones from just about anywhere in the world.

Augmented Reality, Translation Apps and HD Video

When it comes to capturing your memories, gone are the days of film cameras or even digital cameras. The latest smartphones are packed with enhanced camera technology as well as video cameras, selfie mode and just about everything you need to capture your trip in high definition detail. You can even upload and post your photos on the go.

When it comes to exploring and experiencing your destination, virtual reality and augmented reality have made traveling a whole lot easier. Simply use your smartphone to navigate the city with interesting historical anecdotes popping up, local bars, food markets and hidden gems pointed out as you walk. You can even learn the local language with a language app or use online translation services to chat to the locals without knowing a single word.

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