Most Romantic Restaurants in Udaipur India

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Ambrai Restaurant Udaipur India

6 Best Romantic Restaurants in Udaipur, India for Couples

Udaipur India

Popularly known as the Venice of the Eastern world, the city of Udaipur surrounds enchanting Lake Pichola. Forming a reflection of the beautiful architectural marvels, the lake is a sight tourists yearn to visit.

Besides the beautiful lakes, there are a number of other attractions that make the lake city so bewitching. Motor Boat rides, beautiful pictures, rooftop restaurants, shopping destinations and so many other things make the city an ideal romantic destination.

After an activity filled day, the most relaxing part of the day is when you sit down to have a meal. And, as a newlywed couple, it is important to make each other feel special during that time, at least.

Going wrong and that too in a place like Udaipur is the worst idea ever, isn’t it? It is one of the most romantic and lovey-dovey places in the country and you want to make your partner the happiest in a place like that, don’t you?

So we are saying….if you are in Udaipur and plan to surprise your loved ones, try out any of these 6 romantic restaurants and win hearts –

  1. Neel Kamal

If you are a kind of person who believes in fine dining and making sure you experience the best with your partner, the Neel Kamal restaurant is surely your thing. Located in the gorgeous Taj Lake Palace Hotel, this restaurant offers authentic Mewari cuisine in the most breathtaking view.

Udaipur Neel Kamal Restaurant India

The lip-smacking food is prepared on wood-fired stoves, with the help of traditional techniques in an open kitchen. Enjoy a delicious and pleasing meal right in front of the Lake Pichola and the Lily Pond- a gratifying garden located right in the centre of a hotel.


  1. Ambrai

If you are planning a trip to Udaipur, missing this shouldn’t even be an option. While the place is almost always overbooked, it would be the most amazing experience of your life. From Indian to International cuisines, their menu boasts of all variety of cuisines. However, if you want to taste the best, go for their Indian, Mewari cuisine.

Ambrai Restaurant Udaipur India

Sip a glass of wine as you gaze at the brightly lit Lake Pichola. Make sure you call the restaurant in advance to make a booking as it is almost always overbooked.

  1. 1559 AD

If you are looking for an indoor place to have lunch at, 1559 AD, Udaipur is the ideal choice. Conveniently located inside a 16th century bungalow, the ambience of the restaurant takes you back to the older times.

Even though the restaurant has a variety of cuisines ranging from Indian to Lebanese to Italian and Mediterranean, the restaurant holds speciality in Mewari Cuisine. Try out their authentic Rajasthani Laal Maas and Gutta curry to experience the best dining experience ever!

  1. Upre

In the Mewari language, Upre means “up” or “upstairs,” which perfectly compliments the terrace location of the hotel. The terrace restaurant is known for the breathtaking view of Hotel Lake Pichola that it provides. Dine at the spectacular restaurant and enjoy a view of the super bright City Palace, the beautiful soothing lake along with some Mewari live music.

The tables at the restaurant are done up royally to make your romantic night the bestest. The place serves amazing Indian-Chinese food and in the city of Mewari cuisine, this is a great go-to.

Pro Tip: Book a candle light dinner for your date well-in- advance to swipe your love off her/ his feet.


  1. Savage Garden

Situated in an extremely narrow lane, you might like to ditch your car for an autorickshaw or just for a bit. It’s quite similar to Venice where to reach your favourite eateries, you end up passing through narrow lanes.

The place owned by a German couple has a striking ambience and boasts of authentic “videshi food” at desi prices. With a garden like interior indoors, the cafe would charm you beyond thought.

Do try their home made pastas and gnocchi to taste the best of the restaurant.

Tip: Buzz them before you turn up to their place unannounced.

  1. Parkview Restaurant

One of the oldest restaurants in the romantic city, Parview is situated bang in the centre of the beautiful city. Priced reasonably, the restaurant is known to keep the interiors simple and subtle. Known majorly for Chinese, Mughal and Indian delicacies, the restaurant is a pro at serving delicious food.

If you are looking for a place to end those hunger pangs, the parkview restaurant (serving quality food since the past 40 years) is an excellent go-to.

Depending on the amount of money you are willing to splurge on a vacation, you can decide which time of the year you wish to visit Udaipur. During the peak season, everything would be a lot more crowded and expensive as compared to the off season so choose your travel timeline accordingly.

From magical lakes to the narrowest of lanes, experience the best of everything at the awe-inspiring city of Udaipur. Most importantly, make your loved one feel super special as you dine at these restaurants and have the time of your life.

Pro Tip for the non-married couples: If you are planning to propose your loved one anytime soon, what better a place than Udaipur? Pop the question in the most romantic city’s most romantic restaurant and sweep your love by his/her feet.

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