5 Charming Small New York Towns Worth Visiting

Lake Pacid New York by Mwanner

5 Small NY Towns worth discovering

Cornell University By Maeshima hiroki

New York City is a busy, crazy place and even New Yorkers require some time off away from the hustle and bustle of the famed metropolis. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a more extended vacation, you’ll lfind that New York has some beautiful towns on its outskirts with all the natural beauty and culture that one may want to immerse in.

These towns are ethnically diverse, rich in architecture and history, and they are blessed with an unspoiled countryside with places to hike, camp, swim, and trek. No matter what kind of an adventurer or explorer you are, there is something for everyone in these charming


Cold Spring

Cold Spring New York by By AdmOxalate

Cold Spring is a village located in Philipstown. With only 2000 residents in the 2010 consensus, it’s a quaint and tranquil place with many historical 19th century buildings. The village sits at the deepest point at the Hudson River and is recognized in the national register of Historic Places. This town is the perfect place for quiet strolls, shopping, and charming bed and breakfast options and restaurants. Activities like biking, hiking, boating, kayaking and golfing can also be done here. This serene destination is connected to New York by train – the journey takes an hour and ten minutes from Grand Central Station to Cold spring train Station.


Waterfall Ithaca New York

The city of Ithaca on the southern shore of Cayuga Lake is already famous, and rightly so, because of its beauty and colorful local culture. The town boasts one of a kind restaurants, art galleries and musical events which one can attend. Stunning gorges and the shores of the beautiful Cayuga are great natural spots to unwind and get some peace in the arms of nature. Ithaca is also home to some top class universities and diverse community with a rich culture and history. The town is a 6 hours train ride from Penn Station or Pennsylvania station in NYC.

Lake Placid

Lake Pacid New York by Mwanner

The Essex County in the Adirondack Mountains is where this village is found, and it was rated as one of the 6 lost vacation spots in the U.S by the U.S. News & World Report. Due to its pristine natural beauty, Lake Placid is a favorite spot for hikers, bikers and snow skiers. But if you aren’t an outdoorsy adventurer than you can bask in all the 19th-century architecture of the city while taking a relaxing stroll down its streets. The town also hosted the winter Olympics of 1932 and 1980. The village is lush green and has 3 lakes nearby with hills and valleys. Skiing, hiking, gondola rides and mountain biking are some of the favorite visitor activities here.

New Platz

Downtown New Paltz NY, Daniel Case

Located 80 miles from NYC, New Platz can be found in the Ulster County. New Platz is mostly populated by students making it a happening town with many boutique shops and restaurants. As the spot is only one and a half hour drive from NYC, it is quickly accessible. In fact, it makes an excellent place for weekend camping and put your travel trailer to good use.

The town offers a diverse set of outdoor activities and also has rich cultural, historic and architectural assets. The Huguenot Street Historic District and the Elting Memorial Library are some of its famous visiting spots.

Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs New York By Ryan Hodnett

This city has been named as the top ten places to live in the New York State getting its name from the mineral springs found in the area. These springs have made the city a popular destination for people for over two centuries. The town is located north of Ballston spa right in the heart of NY’s Capital Region.

This small town has an exciting culture of performing arts like ballet theatre and opera, horse racing and spring resorts all meshed with each other. It reverberates with happening places to explore for relaxation, dining, shopping and fun-filled nightlife. The history of this city is also quite impressive as it was inhabited by English Colonists in the 17th century and played a significant role in the revolutionary war. The town is a 3-hour drive from NYC making it easy to access. Other than mineral spas, race courses and historical buildings tourists can also enjoy fine wines at the Saratoga Winery, boat tours, hot air balloon rides and explore art in some of the many museums.

So if the big city is really getting to you with its overcrowded roads and stress and you seek to experience a whole different world without flying too far be sure to check these spots out.

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