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Victoria Falls Zambia

5 Memorable Places to Visit in Zambia

The Republic of Zambia, located in southern Africa, is a premiere destination for those looking to experience the natural wonder of this vast continent. Many travelers are stunned to learn that it’s not all desert and bush; while the natural aesthetics are never lacking, there’s plenty for everyone to do and see. Here are just five things to do in the great nation of Zambia.

1. Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls Zambia

Far and away, the one sight you don’t want to skip in Zambia is Victoria Falls. You like waterfalls? Watch a million liters of water tumble down at Victoria Falls, the biggest (although not the highest) on planet Earth. Book your stay at Protea Hotel Livingstone, Zambia and you won’t have far to go to enjoy this wonder.

More than 5,000 feet wide, Victoria Falls is surrounded by park lands and on the Livingstone side, is packed with tourist-friendly amenities. Love to get a closer look? For a little extra, and assuming that the water is low enough, you can take a dip in Devil’s Pool, located a heart-pumping short distance from the Falls’ drop. Have high tea or lunch after your swim, or enjoy whitewater rafting or hiking nearby.

2. The Kuomboka

If you plan your trip during the spring, try to get there in time to see the Kuomboka (“get out of the water”). This fascinating ceremony is where the king of the Lozi people moves his tribe to higher grounds, as the Zambezi River has risen at this time, encroaching on the lands the Lozi typically occupy.


A massive crowd comes out annually to observe the Lozi make the journey from Lealui to Limulunga. You will definitely be awestruck by their fantastic, handcrafted wooden barge, which really resembles the biggest canoe you’ve ever seen. War drums blare as onlookers admire the traditional dress and custom of the Lozi people during their annual pilgrimage to drier lands.

3. Walking Safaris

Have you ever wanted to see life from a lion’s perspective? Many people equate trips to Africa with safaris, and visiting Zambia is no exception. In fact, in Zambia, you can do so on foot inside of one of its can’t-miss nature reserves. Despite the fact that various parks and tours are located close to one another, you’ll want to consider visiting a few. The ecology, including what animals live where, varies from place to place.

Don’t happen to see any animals up-close? It’s not unusual for the continent’s prized creatures to evade tourists, but the tour guides in Zambia are legendary. They’ll share their secrets for tracking animals, so you’ll have a very clear idea what life is like for wildlife in the bush.

Because the heat can be oppressive, these trips should be scheduled during certain times of the year. For example, October is considered too hot to enjoy such a safari.

4. Siavonga

If you like water recreation, but not the kind that comes with splashing around next to one of the world’s biggest waterfalls, check out Siavonga. The “Riviera of Zambia” is perfect for boating, jet skiing, fishing, and more.

Siavonga by Zambia Tourism

The large expanse of Lake Kariba offers plenty of beach shoreline, stunning sunrises and sunsets, and plenty of waterfront restaurants and accommodations.

5. Soweto Market

Located in the Zambian capital of Lusaka, the Soweto Market is one of the republic’s biggest trading centers. Stall after stall of affordable trinkets are available for all of your souvenir shopping. There are also a lot of local delicacies on offer, so if you’ve ever wanted to try worms, here’s your chance.

Soweto Market by South African Tourism

It’s a busy, crowded marketplace perfect for extroverts, and being located in Lusaka provides many more sightseeing opportunities. Motor down to the National Museum to learn more about the evolution of Zambia, or check out a cathedral.

Sick of the local beach? Bored with malls and amusement parks? Get out of the box and visit the African jewel known as Zambia. The natural features and culture are on display here, painstakingly preserved, for all to visit and enjoy.

Photo Source:  Wikimedia Commons

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