Exploring Thailand – Travel Tips To Make Your Journey Great

Great Tips For Planning Your Trip to Thailand

Thailand Temple

Travelling to places you have never been before can be both exciting and intimidating at the same time. This is especially true if you are undecided about where to go. But when you are given the chance to go exploring, Thailand should be one of the places that you seriously consider. Since Thailand is one of the most-traveled countries in the world, finding the best tourist-spots isn’t going to be hard.

If you are ready for a new travel adventure, get on board and open up your heart and mind for what is in-store for you in Thailand.  Here are the best places to go where you can have a wonderful vacation in Thailand.

Exploring Thai Culture

Visiting Bangkok

Bangkok is the heart of Thailand and the nations’ capital. Here, you can explore their amazing culture by visiting temples, palaces, markets, and shops. Aside from these places, their crazy nightlife is also one of the reasons that tourists keep coming back. The combination of the ambiance and famed Thai foods makes your time in Bangkok an experience not to miss.

The Chiang Mai Adventure

Chiang Mai Temple Thailand

If you want to go deeper into exploring Thai culture, you have to visit Chiang Mai. Here the temples are surrounded by jungles. This is where you can be close to their culture while enjoying the beauty of nature. The elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai, the night market with their world-class handicrafts should not be missed.

The Grand Palace and Wat Pho

Thailand Temple Wat

This is Thailand’s royal palace that was built by King Rama I during the end of the 18th century. This is supposed to be the official residence of the monarch, but now, it is used to hold ceremonies. This area is rich in wonderful places to see including Wat Pra Kaeo, and near the Wat Pho are two massive Golden Reclining Buddhas, and a relaxing massage school.

Enjoy Nature – Elephants, Hike, Swim, Scuba Dive!

The Elephant Nature Park

Elephan Park Thailand

Thailand is the perfect country to see real elephants. They are everywhere! But if you want a unique expereince to help and get up-close-and-personal with these animals, you can share 2,500 THB for a one day visit at the Elephant Conservation Center and be a volunteer to help the animals.

Khao Yai National Park

Thailand Park

If you want to put those legs to work, you should spare some time to visit Khao Yai National Park. This is located 2 ½ hours north of Bangkok, and is a perfect place to hike and swim. Unlike the other tourist spots, because of the remote location, it is not crowded. You can stay at the Greenleaf Guesthouse that is one of the best accommodation deals in the area. Relax and enjoy for just 400 THB entrance fee.

Scuba Dive at Similan Islands

Similan Islands Thailand

We all know that Thailand has perhaps the most beautiful sea water in the world. If you want to learn how to scuba dive, the cheapest place to go is the island of Ko Tao. You can basically go diving anywhere in the country, but the Similan Islands are the very best diving spot. While you’re here, visit the Elephant Head Rock and the reefs that team with fish, snappers, rays, and turtles. A day trip here will start at 3,700 THB.

Shop and Party All Night in Thailand

The Floating Markets

Floating Market Thailand

Thailand is famous for their floating markets. They can be found all over the country. Damnoen Saduak is one of the best floating markets that you have to visit in Ratchaburi as well as the Taling Chan Weekend Floating market in Bangkok. They don’t only offer colorful goods and food, they are also the best subject for your photos.

Experience Songkran

Thailand celebrates the Thai New Year between April 13th to 15th. They do this by holding a three-day water fight. Songkran meaning to “wash away” the old and start a new beginning. Songkran is an experience-worthy festival that you should add to your itinerary. But remember, be prepared to get wet! Nobody is exempted, especially the tourists.

The Full Moon Party

If partying is your thing, then you should grab the chance to experience the best party in the world – the famous Full Moon Party. It is a giant festival-like party that includes lots of drinking, dancing, and drugs. Each bar will have their own sound system so it’s going to be loud and wild! The beach will be full of people selling drinks, there will be fire dancers putting on a show, and have your face painted with glow-in-the-dark face paints from their booths.

Why Visit Thailand?

When you visit Thailand, there is so much to do that a short vacation will not be enough. This is why most tourists come back for more. There are so many places to visit and explore, many people to meet, and so many experiences that should not be missed. So what are you waiting for? If you want to have a luxurious vacation or a budget-friendly tour, Thailand should be on top of your list this year.

Image Source:  Pixabay

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