5 Reasons to Experience a Gulet Cruise in Turkey

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Galut Boat Bodrum Turkey

5 Reasons Why a Gulet Cruise is the Best Way to See Turkey’s Coast

Gulet Boat Bodrum Turkey

A trip to Turkey would never be complete without seeing the highlights of country’s magnificent 7,200 kilometre coastline, which is home to some of the world’s best mountainous beaches and startlingly vibrant turquoise waters. There are many ways to see the sights once you arrive, but if a nautical tour is on your to-do list then some methods of travel are going be more comfortable and luxurious than others. With that said, here are five reasons why chartering a private Gulet is by far the best way to see all that the Turkish Aegean has to offer:

A Personalised and Intimate Experience

Booking a spot on a typical commercial cruise is always an option, but if you go that route you can expect to deal with waiting lines, noise, and all the other hassles that come with boarding a large ship along with thousands of other tourists. Opting for a gulet provides a much more up-close and personal experience, with the deck of the boat being closer to the water and the boat often travelling closer to the shorelines. If privacy is high on your list of priorities, you may want to learn more about gulet cruises in Turkey.

More Privacy

Coast of Turkey

With no crowds to spoil the magic of memorable moments, you’ll find that your entire trip is much more serene and enjoyable. Couples and families will particularly value the extra privacy during times when bonding and romance are at hand. Sure, on a conventional cruise you could stay in your room and enjoy privacy there, but that can be done anywhere. If you want to be able to enjoy the scenic beauty outdoors without being bothered or distracted by fellow passengers, a Gulet cruise is the way to go.

Travelling to the Best Spots in Comfort

If you’re seeing the Turkish coast from land then chances are you’re going to be spending some time in a cab, bus, train, or rented vehicle. On the other hand, if you choose to tour the coast on a Gulet then you’ll be doing most of your travelling from spot to spot via the yacht itself. With luxury accommodations on board you’ll be much more comfortable than you would be if you were subject to the aforementioned land-based transportation methods.

Cuisine on the Water

Turkish Cuisine

Speaking of accommodations, compare the convenience of enjoying a 5-star meal on the deck of yacht versus eating at a crowded restaurant on land. Most Turkish gulet cruises will include an on-board chef that prepares excellent meals which can be tailored to suit your culinary preferences.

Seeing the Best Beaches from a Different Prospective

Kaputas Beach Turkey by Gulet Cruise

Most people who visit Turkey do so on land and therefore see all the beaches from the shore looking out. Everyone gets to see that side of the coast’s beauty, and unless you turn around and look behind you, staring straight out into the Aegean provides an impressive yet meagre view of nothing more than an endless expanse of water. However, viewing the coastline from a yacht lets you see the full landscape and all the buildings and people from a perspective that most visitors never get to enjoy.

It’s Relatively Affordable During the Off Season

If the idea of a luxury gulet cruises has you clutching your wallet and thinking about travel budgets, you might want to check during the off months of May, June, September, or October. Usually the slower months see very cheap prices that make a gulet cruise doable for the average traveller.

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