Great Tips To Avoid Gaining Weight on Your Next Cruise

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Cruise Buffet

Amazing Tips on How to Avoid Gaining Weight on a Cruise.  Healthy Cruise Tips

Cruise Buffet

Gaining weight is one of the biggest stereotypes that are associated with taking a cruise. According to recent polls, most people who go on a journey with unlimited drink package tend to gain 5-10 pounds per week on average.   Cruises indulge in too much of a good thing with unlimited calorie-laden drinks, lavish desserts and indulgent meals.

The issue of gaining weight can be addressed by taking a cruise from companies that also offers healthy diet choices and active wellness programs.  It is also essential to include light exercises even though many people tend to think that cruises are for relaxation only. Easy exercise can be walking or jogging on the track, or doing some yoga exercises, group exercise in the pool or even going to the gym. Here are some of the fantastic tips that you should consider to avoid gaining weight on a cruise.

  1.    Check Your Diet

Certainly, there are many temptations on a cruise as there are a wide variety of things to choose from like cocktails, buffets, pizza, desserts, lava cake, cheeseburgers and ice cream. However, there are also several healthy options and therefore it all about making the right choices as well as limiting the portions that you take.

Most cruise ships have dining rooms that serve smaller portions and may even provide an option for a low dessert calorie. Moreover, there also plenty of healthier buffet options that include salad bars, omelet stations and oatmeal, fresh fruit, and carving stations, whole grain bread, soups, vegetables, eggs and much more.

  1.    Avoid Sugary and Creamy Drinks

Some drinks such as fruit-based cocktails are riddled with calories and can easily make you add weight gain quickly. Thus, it is advisable to avoid getting overwhelmed by the mentality that clouds the minds of many people that they need to order more drinks to get the worth of drink package.

Prosecco Cocktail

Therefore, it is advisable to opt for lower calorie drink choices such as wine or Prosecco cocktails.  Drinks like pina coladas,  you should treat as a dessert. This is because many cocktails contain a lot of sugar while others are loaded with creams and fruit juices. If you are those people who love carbonated sugary drinks, you can add lemon to minimize the effects of sugar.

  1.    Use the Gym

Most of the new ships offer amazing gyms and fitness centers, which makes them high-tech temples for transforming your body. Therefore, it is advisable to use them regularly to avoid gaining weight on your vocational trip. Most cruise lines provide exercise classes for yoga, cycling, spin, pilates, and stretch free of charge or at a small fee while using the gym equipment do not cost anything.

Besides, you can choose to work out on your own to maintain the much-needed fitness and avoid adding weight. This is because cruising allows you to enjoy those beautiful ocean views while shedding off those calories by working out.

  1.    Take Stairs

It is advisable to take stairs rather than using the elevator during your cruise time. Walking up and down the stairs greatly helps in preventing gaining weight on a cruise and ensures that you maintain your fitness. Therefore, there is no need of waiting in those, long lines for an elevator when you can get some extra exercises by using the stairs.

  1.    Use the Outdoor Track

Use the outdoor track on the promenade deck for some light exercises such as walks or jog laps. This allows you to burn off the extra calories to avoid putting on so much weight on a cruise than when you do not take any exercises.

  1.    Take Active Excursions on the Shore

In most cases, river and ocean lines provide shore excursions that help in maintaining the right levels of fitness. Cycling is one of the most popular activities as it offers an excellent opportunity to explore many places. Besides, you can take part in walking tours by trailing behind a guide at a slow pace or join the bus trips for lengthy sightseeing.

Bike Tour

Moreover, you might also choose to go for hiking, scuba diving or canyoning on a glacier depending on your destination. Kayaking, paddle boarding, and swimming are excellent ways to work off the extra calories from rich food or cocktails although you should avoid them.

  1.    Visit the Spa

Apart from the offering great facial and exotic massage that helps in reducing stress levels, spa often provides other remedial treatments. These include fantastic therapies that are beneficial to your fitness and overall health. For instance, many ships employ great acupuncturists on their spas as acupuncture can help in alleviating ailments and any pain.

Spa Treatment

It is therefore important to take advantage of such facilities to ensure that you maintain healthy body weight while on a cruise. Some spas offer a water-therapy system that includes cold and warm water baths. These are designed to improve blood circulation and are known to help in detoxifying and relaxing the body.

  1.    Choose a Wellness Cruise

It is advisable to take a cruise that is committed to wellness, as they are ideal for any health-conscious travelers. Most wellness cruises include health programs with reliable experts that focus on yoga, meditation and wellness seminars that advise on the right practices for a better life.

  1.    Ensure that You Get Adequate Sleep

Getting enough sleep offers many health benefits that include preventing the development of high-stress levels. High-stress levels make some people overeat, which could lead to gaining of excess weight. This explains why major cruise lines introduce great programs to help in improving the sleep patterns. These include playing relaxing music, offering sleep-friendly meals such as chamomile tea and snacks.


Overall, taking a cruise for a holiday or vacation offers one of the best chances to restore a sense of balance in your life from your exhausting workday lives. Cruise lines have also focused on the wellness in the recent past and therefore offer everything that a health-conscious cruiser could need. Besides, these cruise lines provide fantastic gym and fitness facilities that suit even those who do not work out at their homes. This is because most cruise ships include high-tech equipment and spas with light and delicious cuisine, thermal suites and a range of fitness classes.


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