How To Vacation in Polynesia For Less


Smart Tips To Save Money When Visiting Polynesia – Visit Tahiti on a Budget


You know about scoring discount airfare, and you know how to comparison shop to figure out the most affordable locations. To that end, you’re already prepared to plan a Polynesian vacation for a fraction of the cost. But once you’ve arrived, there are other smart ways to cut back on costs and thus ensure that you can go on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Don’t let something as inconsequential as money keep you from enjoying yourself on a relaxing holiday.

Bring Your Own Booze

No, that’s not a joke tip. In French Polynesia, you’re allowed to bring in up to two liters of the alcohol of your choice without the need to declare it. That means that you can pack your favorite wine or liquor in your checked baggage. It’s advisable to do so because the bottles that cost $8 in the US can cost the equivalent of $22 on certain Polynesian islands.

Tropical Cocktail

You don’t have to check a bag to take advantage of this hack, however. At the airport, arrive early enough to browse through the duty-free shops and buy alcohol there. It will be more expensive, but not as costly as buying drinks on the islands. You’ll still want to splurge on certain things, such as those famous coconut drinks, but you can save a significant amount of money by bringing your own liquor and wine. Check with your hotel, too. They might offer drink vouchers.

Live Like the Locals

Papeete Market Tahiti

The easiest way to save money on any vacation is to observe the locals and do what they do. Never follow the tourists because they flock to tourist traps. A nice restaurant might offer delicious food, but if they base their prices around the tourist trade, then you know that you’re overpaying. Pay attention to where the residents eat. Those are the restaurants with fair prices and authentic cuisines. Drink where they drink and shop where they shop. You’ll have an authentic experience, plus you’ll snag unbelievable deals on priceless items and activities.

Tailor Your Accommodations

Matira Beach Resort Bora Bora

Polynesia has an abundance of hotels. Each island has its fair share, in fact. The number of options allows you to save money, but using a dedicated travel app to search for places will save more. For instance, you can search for Bora Bora hotels with HotelPlanner and set your budget, check the amenities you must have, and pick the perfect location. Consider rooms with kitchenettes or full kitchens, particularly for longer holidays. That way, you can make meals in your room instead of eating out all the time. Consider selecting a room steps from the beach instread of an overwater bungalow, it will be much less expensive.

Travel During the Off-Season

For most Polynesian islands, the seasons are directly opposite of what you probably know. For example, when it’s summertime in the United States, it’s winter below the equator. The mild temperatures are lovely, but you can often save money by visiting the island(s) of your choice in the middle of the Polynesian summer.  In addition to temperature, pay attention to the rain fall, you may not want to visit during the peak rainy season, but shoulder seasons can be delightful and less expensive.

You can enjoy a luxurious vacation without paying luxe prices — and that includes a Polynesian getaway. How do you cut costs on holiday?


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