Dazzling Places To Watch The Sunset in Malta

Malta Old City Sunset

Whether it is the mix of colors that fill the senses or the associated feelings of peace and harmony, everyone loves a good sunset and there are few places in the world with skies as stunning as Malta.

Malta Old City Sunset

Here’s, where the sun meets the Mediterranean Sea, the scenery and architecture provide a spectacular backdrop. Watch as the shadows of the day cross honey-coloured stone and wait for the evening as the sky is painted in violent pinks and oranges.

Here are the 6 Best Places to see the Sunset in Malta

Golden Bay, Mellieħa

Golden Bay is one of the most popular sites in Malta to admire the sunset.  Known for its red sand and proximity to town, enjoy a day at the beach then watch the sun set over the clear blue water from your beachside dinner table. If the weather is still too cold for swimming, you can take a walk in the nearby countryside before finding a nice spot to enjoy the natural beauty of the sun slowly setting.

At Golden Bay you’ll find great amenities including kiosks and great local restaurants. This family-friendly beach district is a hub for beach BBQs and is one of the more buzzing destinations for taking in the sunset.

Riviera Beach (Ghajn Tuffieha Bay)

Riviera Beach is incredibly popular on weekdays, but wait until late afternoon as the evening cool sets in as the walk up and down the steps can be tiring in the midday sun.

Malta Ghajn Tuffieha via Pixabay

Here, you’ll find a beach bar where you can relax and grab a bite to eat or enjoy a cold beer. There are sun lounges, BBQs and even a camping ground if you feel like settling in for the night. Rated the nicest sandy beach in Malta, Riviera Beach is the perfect place for a swim before stretching out under the flamingo sky.

Torri L’Ahmar

The Red Tower (or St Agatha’s Tower), is a large watchtower made of fortified stone. It was built in 1649 and used by the Knights of St John in the second world war. Find it perched up high above Golden Bay and Riviera Beach. You can find this unmissable monument just beyond Mellieha Bay. Here your can enjoy wide horizon views in all directions.

Dusk at the Red Tower Malta

Tip: Take a packed picnic and ready your camera to capture an instagram-worthy panorama.

Top Of The World, Għargħur

One of the smallest villages in Malta, with an area of just 2 square kilometres, Għargħur remains a stunning example of a typical Maltese village. Situated on a hilltop between two valleys, take in the agricultural surrounds for a different view of Malta.

Follow the walkway to the summit and take in unique panoramic views any time of the day.

Skybeach – Intercontinental Hotel

Lay back and relax with a warm breeze and a cocktail in hand as the sun sinks behind the horizon. Here, breathtaking views stretch out beyond St. George’s bay.

Take a dip and watch the sky change in perfect luxury. To learn more, simply search malta.intercontinental.com to make a reservation.

Majjistral Park (Ghajn Tuffieha, Bajja tal-Mixquqa)

Malta’s first natural national park, Majjistral Park includes a stretch of 6km of protected coast and a number of historical and archaeological sites, this local favourite is relatively quiet as fewer people venture here in lieu of the more popular Golden Bay. Enjoy the visitor centre during the day and get involved with a guided outdoor activity walks and snorkelling.

Malta Sunset

Malta hosts some of the best sunsets in the world and thanks to year round sun and such a rich history, this luxurious island provides all you need to indulge in outdoor living at its best with the views to match. Settle into a Maltese evening and enjoy a sky show unlike you’ve ever seen, no matter your vantage point.


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