What Smart Travelers Bring To Beautiful Bali

Bali Sunrise

Beautiful Bali: What Smart Travelers Bring When Visiting Bali, Indonesia

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Bali? Maybe you are thinking of a paradise where fine white sand beaches wind along the shore, tropical sealife swimming through the coral reefs, the noise of jungle animals, meandering rivers, and the ever charming and hospitable residents. If these are some of the images fluttering in your mind, then you’ve got it right!

Bali Sunrise

Well know that we can imagine things but have you ever think of visiting this wonderful place? If yes, then this article will guide you on what essential things to bring, and what are the items to leave when you go and visit Bali, Indonesia.

Pack These Things

Whether it’s an adventure locally or to an exotic location like Bali, always bring the most useful items so you can enjoy the moment and the feeling while you’re there. Aside from passports, tickets, phones, and cameras, these things are lifesavers for anyone who wants to explore the wonderful island of Bali.

  • Waterproof Phone Case – It is already obvious that phones are important in everyday life, not just for communications and entertainment.  Make sure to protect your precious phones with waterproof cases. These cases allow you to take photos and videos regardless if you’re in dry land or underwater. Not only do these cases protect your phone from water, they also protect them from dust, mud, and scratches that could lead to further damage.  Since Bali is a tropical climate with frequent rain showers, a waterproof phone case will come in handy whether you’re at the beach or running between raindrops.
  • Travel Charger – Everybody wants to have their phones and gadgets fully charged every time.  Since you are probably going on adventures that might take for several hours, it is always recommended to bring a high capacity travel charger that can recharge your gadgets when its power gets low. Bring that universal travel charger which can work efficiently on both iPhones and Android Cellphones.  Be sure that your chargers can adapt to plug sizes and voltage requirements.
  • Efficient Clothing – Bali features a very warm tropical atmosphere, like most of the islands in Southeast Asian countries. When packing clothes for Bali, consider bringing clothes made out of lightweight fabric material to keep your body cool any time of the day.  Choose cotton clothes because these will provide you comfort even on hot days. You can bring tank tops, casual or beach outfits such as rashguards for sea adventures. Flip flops and walking shoes are also a great choice to bring if you want to enjoy the mountain breeze.Tropical Beach ScarvesYou can also bring light pajamas and scarfs for a sound sleep and to protect you from the cold air during the night. You can visit various online stores like Deal Wiki so you can choose your perfect travel clothing.
  • Health and Hygiene Items – Traveling abroad for adventures require you to bring enough toiletries and hygiene items. Aside from shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, and toothbrush; moisturizers and sunscreen are also good items to bring along.As well, aloe vera gel sprays, are a good idea in case you get exposed to the extreme heat of the sun. Insects repellents, sunscreen, and hand sanitizer can also be a helpful tool if you’re going to conquer the jungles and rivers of Bali. However, only bring in small amounts of these liquids.  A large quantity or even a whole bottle of these substances are not allowed through customs. So you might want to leave behind those large and expensive perfumes and lotions at home or risk them from being confiscated at the airport.

Leave These Things Behind

Going for an adventure doesn’t mean that you have to pack so much stuff. There are things you should choose to leave at home rather than bringing them  when traveling to wonderful places like Bali. Here are some of the things you should not include in your pack:

  • Leave your Luxury Items at home – Your goal is to travel and have fun, not to vamp on the stage, displaying your expensive jewelry. These items can be clunky and not really appropriate when having fun adventures and when doing fun activities such as frolicing along the beach. Pricey jewelry and other trinkets can be easily lost when jumping and running around and may attract unwanted attention.However, if you do insist on wearing jewelry, you can take a look at the shops in Bali and see what the locals have instore for you. Not only will you look good, but you’ll be helping the local economy.
  • No Weapons Allowed – Weapons are absolutely  a big NO when you’re travelling. Self-Defense items such as Mace, Pepper spray or even tasers aren’t allowed on board airplanes and in other places as well. Even camping tools such as a swiss knife will get confiscated in airports and security checkpoints.  To avoid hassle and inconvenience, better leave those weapons at home, or else you will end up paying huge penalties, or be barred from entrance, or even worse, spend time in jail instead of enjoying the travel experience.
  • No need for a Lot of Cash – You don’t need to bring a lot of money when traveling to Bali, Indonesia. Or even bragging that you have a lot of money is not a good idea. There are lots of banks, money changers and ATMs on Bali, so you don’t need to bring all cash with you.
  • Never Ever Bring Drugs – Lastly, don’t ever think of bringing illegal drugs when entering Bali. Indonesian government strictly prohibits the carrying of illegal drugs, even in small amounts or for personal use. Indonesia is known for its strong stance against the use and traffic of illegal drugs.

Temple in Bali


Bali is known for its beaches, coral ridges, volcanic mountains, and perfect bodies of water. Travelling in such a place will truly be a rewarding experience for anyone. To review, when you are planning to visit Bali anytime of this year, always bear in mind to bring only important things like health and hygiene items.  Don’t ever try to bring your weapons, drugs or even your jewelry for less hassle and to have a smooth travel experience. Leave all those items behind, kick back and enjoy the wonders that Bali has to offer.


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