Top Things To Do In NYC Before Winter Gives Way To Spring

New York City in Spring

What to Do in New York City before Winter is Over

New York City in Spring
New York City gains its charm back after saying farewell to the bitter winter storm. It’s the time of the season when you can actually go out on the streets and enjoy what the city has to offer for the winter travelers. Here’s great 3 tips for travelers who’re lucky to enjoy the last few weeks of cold weather without actually freezing.

TIP#1 – A Last Round of Ice Skating

Rockefeller Center Ice Skating Rink
A favorite winter activity to do in New York City is ice skating. NYC has quite the variety of not only outdoor rinks, but indoor as well where you can throw off your cares, slap on some blades and kick up some ice. There is not a shortage of places to get your skate on, whether you want to skate beneath the glamour of the Rockefeller Center, among nature in Central Park or in the heart of the city at The Rink at Bryant Park. If you prefer staying toasty warm while circling the rink, you can hit up one of the city’s year-round indoor rinks that also includes roller skating. Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of this delightful activity before the season is over.

TIP#2 – Sit and Sip
Who doesn’t need a cup of something warm to heat up their bodies and enjoy the last cold weeks of the city. Well, you’re in the right place to find an incredible cup of something warm. New York City is full of hidden gems when it comes to drinks, from mulled wine to authentic tea. Jadis in Lower East Side serves great mulled wine in a cozy atmosphere that makes you forget that you’re in the city, and rather places you in a chalet up in the mountains. The stone interior space with sofas large enough to sit you and five more friends is a go to spot before it gets too warm to enjoy a glass of mulled wine. Té Company is a hidden tiny store in West Village that serves an incredible selection of Taiwanese oolong tea, that looks like a beautifully designed room of a Far East inhabited apartment from the street. The menu of this tea shop does not only present a selection of products, but tells you the beautiful story behind each leaf, such as the one that monks have produced, and educates you about the tea culture. When the city becomes too much or too cold, sip some oolong in their beautiful ceramic pots, or book a tasting to completely immerse yourself in the experience of tea.

TIP#3 – Shop End of Season Sales

It’s the SALE time! It’s easy to recognize the large red SALE signs across all shop windows. What’s a better time than now to buy all the items you’ve been dreaming to have whole year. From department stores like Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodman, to shops on the sidewalks, you’re sure to find the piece you were looking for in the price that won’t hurt! With all of the shopping, it would probably be easier if you weren’t having to worry too much about carrying all of your purchases and bags around from place to place, eh? That is where Knock Knock City can help. “What is Knock Knock City?’ you ask in an exasperated and tiresome tone. Knock Knock City is a bag and luggage storage network with many different drop off locations throughout New York City to free up your hands and your mind from stress. Whether you have just flown in and your hotel or Airbnb won’t be ready for a few more hours, but you want to do a little sightseeing luggage free, or just don’t have the hands (or patience) to carry all of your shopping bags at once, Knock Knock City offers you safe and secure locations to store your bags, luggage and packages while you go back out in the city to go on more adventures.

TIP#4 – Buon Appetito

The most enjoyable time to eating pasta is the cold weather, when you feel less guilty relying on the fact that carbs will keep you warm. New York is a hub to incredible Italian restaurants like Bar Pitti, Mamo, Via Carota, but if you want to experience Italy as a whole, your go-to is Eataly market in the Flatiron district. It is a food market with products sourced locally from Italy. You will find dozen of events like cellar wine with cheese tasting, classes on biodynamic wines, even classes on how to make fresh pasta! If you are h-angry and don’t want to make your own food, there are delicious restaurants located in the market which use fresh produce products right from the Eataly market. In case you are feeling more hands-on, this is THE place to learn how to make pasta al’ragu like a real Italian. Once you step in, you can’t miss the irresistible Italian atmosphere surrounding hundreds of local Italian products ranging from aged prosciutto di parma to handmade truffle ravioli. This heaven of food guarantees to leave your “belly” satisfied with a big smile.

TIP#5 – Museum Season

Guggenheim Museum New York City
Any season is a museum season in New York City, where art and culture in a huge part of the city’s identity. The famous Guggenheim designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is a masterpiece by itself. Right across the street is Cooper Hewitt Museum, favorite museum of most designers and design lovers. They have incredible design collections, a highly interactive experience and give great insight into the design process. On the first floor you’ll see the Process Lab where you can learn about the design process and apply it right there. The Immersion Room is also an iconic room of the museum, where you can draw your name or any other shape on the tablet-table and it will reflect your design on the wall like a wallpaper. It’s very experimental and perfectly Instagrammable! If you enjoy modern, contemporary art, you must visit MoMa. MoMa is the home to some of the most important paintings of the history of modern art. If shopping is in your blood, you can’t leave empty handed if you visit their design store.  Don’t forget, Knock Knock City is always there to securely store your shopping bags while you enjoy other attractions!

In conclusion, you will never be without a magical moment when you visit NYC during any season. There’s endless unique experiences and adventures that New York City offers all year round, that makes you feel as though anything is possible.

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