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Top Coffee Hangouts in Sydney Australia

Coffee Shop Hangouts You’ll Love In Sydney

Sydney is quite serious when it comes to their coffee. The city serves it caffeine in various different styles right from the calming flat whites and the lattes to the very strong double espresso. Whatever be your choice, you will never be disappointed when you are in Sydney. There is a score of cafes you can choose from, each with their own unique ambiance and style of serving. Here is a list of the top 10 coffee hangouts you should definitely try out when you are in Sydney.


  1.    Room 10, Potts Point

Room 10 is just a small hole in the wall and very easy to miss if you are not paying enough attention. Nonetheless, it is one of the most happening places in Sydney to hang out for coffee. The place has a very cozy and comfortable air about it. When you walk into Room 10, you will at once know that you have come to the right place. There are low stools and small tables clumped together in the storefront, the perfect setting to meet up for evening chats. It is normal to see the customers lost in conversation.

The place has its own special in-house blend of coffee as well as a rotating option for black coffee. Apart from that, the place also serves a scrumptious breakfast in the mornings. The menu is definitely one of the best in the city. Room 10 remains open all through the day. Some of the popular options in the café include brisket sandwich with pickles, slaw, mustard and chilies and Brekkie Rice, a dish made from red rice, quinoa, pepitas, walnuts, dukkah and stewed rhubarb. The place is simply perfect for a casual hangout with friends. However, as popular as it may, it is quite easy to miss. So remember that it is located in the Llankelly Place.

  1.    Gumption, Strand Arcade

If you have an indulgence for coffee, then you should definitely not miss the Gumption. The cafe is situated in the Strand Arcade. It has a grand setting and is always jostling with customers. In fact, it is not uncommon to see a queue of customers waiting for their turn. There is no food menu at Gumption. The place is entirely dedicated to coffee. Also, they have a very traditional approach to coffee serving and do not make use of all the high tech machines. It is just coffee, in its truest essence. Gumption is definitely one of the best places for rewinding after a busy day. You will only understand its true value when you finally visit the place.

  1.    Bondi Hall, Bondi Beach

The Bondi Beach is definitely one of the major attractions in the city. However, it has much more to offer than just the shoreline. The street lining the beach is packed with some of the best cafes in Sydney. If you dig in just a little more, you will have no difficulty in coming across Bondi Hall. Everything from the table arrangement to the décor for the coffee is simply perfect in this café. They have an amazing menu for coffee and also serve some of the best side dishes ever. Poached eggs with jamon and goat cheese is a very popular option at Bondi Hall.

  1.    Paramount Coffee Project, Surry Hills

The Paramount Coffee Project has been there since 2013. The café looks so inviting that you would wander in any way. The place has a very serious take when it comes to coffee. The coffee served at the Paramount Coffee project is varied across different beans, roasting methods and brewing styles. They have roasters taken from different parts of the world. These are put in a rotation after every six weeks. If you are hunting for the perfect place to start your day with a good cup of coffee and some delicious breakfast, then you might have just found it. You will also love the exceptional customer service of the place.

  1.    Cabrito Coffee Traders, Circular Quay

Cabrito Coffee Traders is another place in the city that brews it coffee to simple perfection. The place has a rock style construction that will calm you down the moment you enter. The customer service is excellent and the staffs are friendly. Whenever you are passing by the Circular Quay, just look for the goat logo above a plain storefront and you cannot miss the Cabrito Coffee Traders. The place also has a delicious food menu. So it is just the perfect place to hang out any time of the day. If you are feeling a bit too lazy to walk up to the store, you can even make orders for deliveries.

  1.    Barefoot Coffee Traders, Manly

If you have your own unique preference for coffee, then this is just the right place for you. The café serves your coffee exactly as you order. Whether you want a strong caffeine hit or a decaf, you will not be disappointed. Also, the place is very near to the beach. So you take a walk down the beach when you are done with the coffee.

  1.    South by Dukes, Barangaroo

This is one of the most popular coffee hangouts in Sydney. The special thing about this place is that they only make use of the sustainable coffee beans. They use a range of different brewing styles to stir up the perfect cup of coffee. Apart from that, the café also has a perfect food menu to complement their brews. The café opens at 7 am every day and serves delicious breakfast and lunch throughout the day. With its impeccable service and friendly staff, the café has made quite a name for itself. You should definitely try out this place when you are in Sydney.

  1.    The Grounds of Alexandria, Alexandria

The Grounds was started first in 2012. Following this, there has been a rising demand for the Grounds Coffee all across Australia. At The Grounds, coffee serving is a craft. They make sure that each and every cup is brewed to perfection before being served. They also put seasonally inspired flavors on the menu every now and then. The place always remains full of life and energy. Along with coffee, the place also serves fresh cold drinks, smoothies, juices, breakfast, wraps and salad bowls.

  1.    Celcius Coffee Co, Kirribilli Wharf

Kirribilli Wharf is definitely one of the reasons to get up early when you are in Sydney. The café offers a refreshing view of the ocean. The place remains highly crowded during the weekend. However, you can easily get a table during the weekdays. They serve the perfect cup of coffee with the most delicious breakfast. Also, they serve in very good portions. The place is an ultimate recommendation for coffee lovers.

  1.    Campos Coffee, Newton

This place is one of the hotspots for coffee. They get their brews prepared with a set of highly trained staffs. The gentle aroma of the coffee together with some groovy jazz playing in the background will immediately relax your senses. The place serves from 8 am to 5 pm. You can also enjoy some fresh bakes with your coffee. They have gluten free options on their menu. The café has an excellent customer service and also a very reasonable cost.

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