Pet Travel Tips, How To Make Moving With A Pet Easier

Pet Travel Tips

Planning To Travel With Your Pet?  10 Things to Make Moving Easier

Pet Travel Tips

Being a pet parent comes with plenty of responsibilities. With time, these four-legged friends become part of our family. However, things can get tricky if you’re heading on a road trip or need to catch a flight to another city. Finding someone to babysit your furry friend isn’t always a possibility and your neighbors might not always be in town to care for your little buddy. In such cases, it’s a good idea to take your pet along with you. While the whole process may seem daunting, there are plenty of ways you can make the experience more comfortable for your pet.

Here are some amazing tips you can follow to ensure your four-legged friend stays calm and happy throughout the journey:

1. Always use identification tags

Regardless of how you travel, it’s essential your furry friend has a proper identification. The tag should include your pet’s name, your name and your contact details (home address and contact numbers). This’ll come in handy in case your pet gets separated on the way.

You can have this tag attached to your pet’s collar or use a microchip. Some veterinarians recommend you insert a microchip in your pet’s collar for better identification. For added comfort, always ensure you use a flat collar and nothing that’ll prick or harm your pet.

2. Carry a first aid kit

When packing your things, be sure to include a first aid kit for your pet. This should include a copy of your pet’s medical records in case the furry friend requires medical care during travel. Also, keep tabs on the nearest animal hospital when choosing your destination. Your mini first aid kit must include supplies such as bandages, medicines, and gauze. Consider packing hydrogen peroxide in case you need to induce vomiting.

3. Carry plenty of food and water

When you’re headed on a road trip with your pet, it’s essential you pack plenty of food and water. Since traveling can be stressful, it’s essential you make the whole experience more comfortable by packing plenty of food and water. Consider packing a little extra in case you have to prolong your stay.

The ingredients used in pet food may vary depending on state or country so your pet’s sensitive tummy might be affected. Remember that animals are more sensitive than humans so stock up on their favorite foods before packing your bags.

Pet Travel Tips

4. Don’t leave your pet unsupervised

If you’re going a road trip, remember not to leave your pet unsupervised on unattended in a parked vehicle. This can be dangerous in the summers as your pet can suffer from a heat stroke. In the same way, your car can turn into a refrigerator when the temperature drops. So, whatever you do, don’t leave your furry friend unsupervised in the car, not even for a couple of minutes.

5. Pack comfort items

Travelling can distress your furry friend. This is why you ought to carry items that might help comfort them along the way. It can be a favorite toy, blanket or any other item that smells like home. Also, include your pet’s favorite treats to prevent them from feeling estranged or anxious. And try your best to calm them down with soothing words. After all, you are all the family they have.

6. Take a trip to the vet

Before heading off on an adventure, consider taking a trip to the vet. This’ll help ensure your furry pal is healthy enough to travel. Your vet may also recommend a few tips to keep your little friend happy and comfortable throughout the way.

7. Invest in a well-ventilated crate

Pet Crate

Invest in a well-ventilated carrier or crate for your canine friend. This’ll ensure that your pet remains safe and secure throughout the way. You can choose from a variety of hard plastic or wire mesh options. Whatever carrier or crate you opt for, ensure it is large enough for your little buddy to get some shut-eye, sit down or stretch around in.

It’s also a good idea to get your pet accustomed to the carrier before the big move. You can throw in a pillow or blanket to make their stay comfortable. However, be sure not to include toys that might act as a choking hazard for your pet.

8. Consider booking a direct flight

Be careful if you and your furry ball are using a friendly ‘Pet Airline’ to fly to your dream destination.

Traveling by air is no fun but you can make the experience more comfortable by opting for a direct flight. This will decrease the chances of your pet being mishandled in case of bad weather or emergency delays. It’s also a good idea to inform airline employees and request them to check up on your furry pal in case the plane gets delayed or there’s an emergency.

9. Prepare your pet for the trip

Pet Travel Tips

Don’t assume that your pet will be okay during the trip. Take them out for short car rides or get them accustomed to using a crate. It’s also worth noting that aging pets may not be as comfortable on the road as compared to puppies and other young animals.

10. Consider sedating your pet

Sedating your pet may seem a little overwhelming but that might be the best alternative for your furry friend. Some pets are likely to suffer from extreme anxiety in unfamiliar settings, so if you feel like your pet won’t be able to cope with all these changes, speak to your veterinarian. Sometimes sedation might be the only way to calm down your frightened pet. In fact, this method could save them from trauma.

Keep these useful pointers in mind before traveling with your pet. Good luck!

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