Best Places For International Cuisine in New York City

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New York City:  Best Places to Get Foreign Cuisine In A Local Setting

New York Cafe

Want to feel like you’re in a foreign land but just don’t have the money to travel to India or Italy?  No worries, because you can actually experience foreign cuisines without having to travel any further than New York City.

“One of the great things about our all-day bus passes is that you can get the full overview of New York, as well as some of the boroughs, while hopping on and off to explore and eat,” said Jennifer Li of Top View NYC.  We’re pretty passionate about New York, and even developed a fun infographic called “Seven Ways To Spot A New Yorker.”

That said, whether you’re longing for some good old American food, like a hot dog, or something more exotic like Indian Tandoori Chicken, take a bite out of the Big Apple.

Hot Dogs – Originally Called Frankfurters

Hot Dogs New York

Even the cheap ones are good in New York City, whether you get them from a food truck or deli.  You can be traditional and get one topped with sauerkraut and pickled relish or, want to be more adventurous with a “tiger-style” dog that has chili, scallions and lots of Chinese mustard.


Ray's Pizza New York
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Fun Fact:  Did you know that pizza was often shunned by the Italian glitterati, because it was originally created to be a peasant food?  Now, we can’t get enough of it–and you’ll find everything from the classic Margherita (cheese, sauce and fresh basil) to vegetable, pasta and pesto-topped creations.  And, no, you won’t need to deprive yourself if you’re gluten-free, because plenty of these versions can be found in New York.


New York Bagels

If we had a nickel for everytime a relocated New Yorker mourned the loss of New York bagels, well, we’d be pretty rich!  You can get them topped with anything, including that famous “everything bagel” that includes everything from sesame seeds to onions and garlic. It’s also not unusual to see speciality ones, either, like green bagels for St. Patrick’s Day or pink ones for Valentine’s Day.


New York Cheesecake

There’s a reason it’s called “New York Cheesecake.” You can get them topped with  bourbon, kahlua, Irish coffee and more, as well as sugar-free, gluten-free, and non-dairy cheesecakes.

Italian Food

Little Italy New York

One can not simply visit New York and not eat Italian food. The best place to get Italian cuisine is none other than Manhattan’s Little Italy or Arthur Avenue in The Bronx. Enjoy some authentic Italian dishes–family style, of course!

Chinese, Indian, German and Russian

No trip to Manhattan’s Chinatown is complete without enjoying some dim sum, the Chinese version of a brunch.  Make sure you go to the Chinese Ice Cream Factory where you can get something as basic as chocolate, or something more exotic like Black Sesame Seed.


If Indian food is your thing, you MUST go to Little India, a section of Lexington Avenue in the 30s.

Germantown is actually in Yorkville, known for its high population of Germans. Yorkville is found in the Upper East Side, from about 79th Street to 96th Street and from 3rd avenue to the East River.

Russian restaurants are scattered throughout Manhattan, but if you really want to experience it, go to Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, an area called “Little Russia.”

Food Festivals

You can find them anywhere during spring and summer, from Little India to 9th Avenue and to Harlem.  Local restaurants set up outdoor booths with some of their signature concoctions so you can eat and drink your way through any cuisine.

“All of our bus tours were created by local experts, our GPS audio system has eight languages, so you can truly get the travel experience, without having to go too far,” said Li.

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