How To Conquer New York City on a Limited Budget

Touring NYC on a Budget

Who Said New York and a Limited Budget Can’t Gel Well?  Here are our top tips for visiting New York City on a Budget!

Um, a whole lot of people believe that. I keep refuting their strongly held notions about how expensive New York City is, but most of the time in vain. The Big Apple is notoriously expensive in all its glory, but with a few insider tips about how to tour New York City on a limited budget, you’ll see the best for a lot less.

New York City on a Budget

NYC has a repute for being this rich brat who knows nothing but bling and ka-ching. And, if you give in to the whims and fancies of the city, you’ll end up blowing out all your savings. Yes, NYC can make it all vanish. Staying in those dreamy hotels, dining at high end restaurants, exploring all the famed attractions— the ideal NYC vacation can cost you a fortune. But, do we really have to take the city at its face value? That’s where my stance differs from the usual hapless tourists. I believe, you need to unmask the city. Then you can have it all to yourself, just the way you want it.

Just a little research can come in handy if you want to explore NYC on a budget. That’s what I have done for a NYC excursion every time. A total of four trips and NYC has never reduced me to the state of beg, borrow or steal. I return only with an everlasting smile and infinite memories. You don’t need to keep delaying a NYC vacation anymore. Trust me, it’s an incredibly stunning city. Take heed of my tips and tricks, book airplane tickets to the city and explore it on a budget without having to compromise on the fun quotient.

Look for cheap flights

New York City on a Budget

Airfares for NYC can really eat up much of the travel budget. So, you need to ace up your game when booking flights. The key is to book flight tickets months ahead of your trip. Last minute flights always prick a hole in the pocket. Also, when you have time in your hand, you can always survey the prices from time to time and steal the deal when you think it’s the best you can ever get. And, since New York City is an international flight hub, there are myriad deals extended by travel websites every now and then. Just keep an eye for it and then booking cheap flights to New York City will not be that daunting a task.

Ditch those fancy hotels

Ah, how we would all love staying in those dreamlike hotels that overlook the gleaming city as shown in the movies! Well, let’s get real. They cost no less than a king’s ransom.  Right now we are concerned about how to do it in a budget. Look for a hostel stay if you’re traveling alone. However, if you’re a group of people traveling to NYC, renting out cheap apartments shall save you big.  With all the rental by owner sites out there, finding an apartment stay can be surprisingly easy.  A little tip from my kitty, if you choose to stay in boroughs other than Manhattan, there’s no better way to save on your stay!

The city brims with free attractions  

If you are going to shell out dollars to “see” the city, I will really have to pity you, because, there are better ways to experience NYC. There are so many attractions that are free, you do not have to squander money unnecessarily. Take a stroll through Central Park, take snapshots of the Statue of Liberty while on a free Staten Island Ferry, feel like a celebrity walking down the snazzy Times Square or realize your love for books at the New York Public Library. Believe me, when it comes to free activities, it doesn’t get better than this.

Spend wisely on a tourist pass        

New York City on a Budget  

NYC beckons people to explore and if you really want to indulge a bit, I suggest you get yourself a tourist pass. The eminent tourist hotspots such as Top of the Rock, Empire State Building, 9/11 Memorial Museum all require a ticket. Those individual tickets can be pretty pricey, so, get yourself a New York tourist pass and head over to some of the most famed attractions at heavy discounts. What a great way to save, isn’t it?

Free shows and events galore     

The city is always abuzz with events, shows, concerts and festivals.  Many free events are offered during summer months. All you have to do is find out where it is happening. A good source is  Once you attend such events, the infectious energy of NYC rubs off on you in all the right ways. The city is a vantage point for looking at art and creativity in a refined perspective. So, get your fill of everything hip and happening in the city. And, you shall have some of the best memories carved out on your sojourn to NYC.

Devour the goodness of NYC eats at cheap   

Touring NYC on a Budget

The culinary repute of NYC is unparalleled. The city has a whooping number of Michelin starred restaurants and eateries graced by world renowned chefs. The ever evolving twists to cuisines and innovative bakes are sure to make anyone drool. But, truth be told, the exorbitant bills can kill all the hunger. You can satiate your palate with lip-smacking eats in NYC at the food trucks and food stalls on the street without having to dig a hole in your pocket. These food options have their own charm and are absolutely amazing in taste. Bagels, pizzas, hot dogs, sandwiches— they are just too good.  And, if after saving on everything you can afford to buy an expensive meal at one of those plush restaurants, I say, pick lunch over dinner. Why? Because, lunch is served on a little discounted price than dinner at most of the restaurants.

I think a couple of these tricks and more can help you save huge on your NYC vacation. And, if you swear by these rules, you’ll easily wind up your dream vacation to New York City on a budget.  So, get your bags ready, your spirits high and begin with the first step of looking for the best flight deals to New York City for that budget vacay. Happy travels!

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