Reasons You’ll Simply Love Visiting Texas


Top Reasons Why You Will Fall In Love With Texas

Austin City Cow
As the second-largest state in the USA, Texas is a popular choice for visitors, providing incredibly good food, lots of culture and some notable tourist highlights for those visiting the area. Texans are known for doing things in a big way and throwing out the welcome matt is no exception.  From attending an authentic rodeo, to doing the two-step in a honky-tonk, Texas is fun to explore.  Here are some great reasons why Texas is worth the trip.

1. The Prices
There is no question about it, a visit to Texas can be affordable. New York is one of the most exciting cities in the world, but a week in this metropolis can easily become particularly costly. Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago can also cost as much as New York. With Texas, you may find your money stretching further.  In a normal Tex-Mex restaurant for instance, you can get along well for under forty dollars for two. But always watch out – the tip is almost never included in the bill, and at least 15% should be given!

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2. The People
The kindness of the Texans is in first place in the whole of the USA. Many suspect that this kindness is only superficial, but they’re southern hospitality and pride in their State is genuine.  It’s nice to see a smile and hear a nice friendly voice greet you as you enter. You will be welcomed to the state as a tourist and will find many things Texas-sized attractions to discover. You can even visit the town of Happy, Texas if you like!

3. The Food

Summer is here which means barbecue season in Texas – althoug you can find great BBQ all year long. Texas barbeque is comprise of mouthwatering pulled pork sandwiches, BBQ pork ribs, and beef brisket slow cooked and smoked with secret sauces. BBQ in all variations is the most popular food in Texas, but there is much more than just this kind of food. Tex-Mex, a tasty mix of Mexican food and traditional Texan flavor, can be found in any city, big or small. Texas also offers many bars and nightclubs for all the night-time lovers out there.  Don’t forget to buy a pair of cowboy boots to go out stepping!

4.  The Nature

Rio Grande River Texas
The landscapes in Texas are vast and varied.  The second-largest US state has cultivated its Western image on the small screen, from “Dallas” to Chuck Norris in his role as Walker. But Texas hides true oases of nature beyond these clichés. From cattle ranches, to beaches on the Gulf of Mexico, to mighty rivers and vibrant cities, there is much to entertain you.  Whilst staying in places such as Galveston RV Park, you can enjoy Gulf coast beaches and as well as natural land wonders. Getting in touch with nature can be unforgettable as you familiarize yourself with scenery made famous by the movies.

5.  The Cities

San Antonio Riverwalk
Although the Texas capital is not particularly large (just under 885,000 inhabitants), it is definitely a highlight in the state of Texas. Austin has so many things to do and offers you culture and a feel that is comparable to California’s cities – but much cheaper here. Everywhere there are food trucks that cook and serve every type of southern cuisine you can imagine. There are numerous parks where you can go jogging or walking, as well as numerous lakes that are perfect for swimming. Austin is also the live music stronghold of Texas, and there are at least fifty bars where live music is played every night. Austin alone makes Texas worth the trip!  But if you’re looking for even more excitement, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Dallas, or Houston.   And be sure you don’t miss the charming riverwalk in San Antonio and a visit The Alamo which is nearby.

Whether you’re riding an electric bull at Gilleys in Dallas, sampling some BBQ in Houston, seeing a live concert in Austin or sitting by river in San Antonio, Texas will not disappoint!

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