Travel Australia for a Year – How Much Does It Cost?

Road Tripping Australia

How much money would I need to travel Australia for a year?

Road Tripping Australia

There were many people who travel to Australia every year and the percentage of travelers are increasing day by day. There were many famous wonders that attract travelers to Australia such as the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru and Opera House in Sydney. But remember, Australia is not a cheap country for travelers or for people who live there, so advance planning is crucial.  The estimated budget for the people who want to travel in Australia is varied from AU$1,600-AU$2,300 per month depending what type of hotel you select, number of place, food requirements, flights and other activities you do.

Let’s take a look at the variables you need to consider when planning a long term trip to Austalia.

  1. Insurance

If a person travels to any place for the long or short period of time travel insurance is a mandatory element. When we talk about UK and Australia you need to make a contract with the Medicare scheme. As Australia is safe and free from different threats and risks, so you’ll find that full-year insurance is quite reasonable.

Insurance – £150 – £300

  1. Flights

As Australia is not located centrally in the world the flights can be quite costly. The cost of a return flight from the UK is minimum £1000. You can also search out different airlines sites to get more information.  Look for flight deals that offer additional in-country flights with your international ticket.  At some times of year flights are offered that allow for additional stop overs enabling you to fly into one city and out of another with perhaps a stop or two inbetween.

Flights – £1000+

Queensland Beach

  1. Transport Costs

This can take a large part of your traveling budget. When people go to Australia they want to see all places around the country and it can result in significant costs. Also, there are some places that are difficult to access with normal vehicles.  If you are comfortable traveling at your own pace or with your partner then you need your personal transport. And I you want to go to Australia for a whole year then it is a good decision to buy your own vehicle and sell it again before you depart.

Australia market facilitates travelers with easily obtained second-hand vehicles. The prices can be varied as per the demand and availability but normal in winter this vehicle cost is low and higher during busy seasons.

The second hand Toyota vessel 1991 model for instance has a cost at £4000. If you do not want four-wheel vehicle then myriad is also a good option for you. There is another option, to hire station wagon a its price start from £1000 or more.  With you own vehicle you also should consider buying other equipment like tents, gear, and other camping accessories.

  1. Food / Drink

Food and drink are the basic need of everyone as no one can live without it but here you need to act smartly while shopping your food. You may want to take some dry foods from your home country, as well as buy in bulk quantities of food when you see it on sale.

The estimated cost of food and drink for the single person in a week is about £40. This may vary depending on the restaurant and what type of food you order.

Food and Drink – £3000

  1. Accommodation

In the starting days of your tours, things take time to settle down and you spend your precious time in the hotel and arrange some vehicles to move forward and explore the beautiful country. The estimated cost of a hostel hotel room for a single person in a dorm bed is £10 and it definitely increases up to £25 to 40 if you want to reserve the private room.

In Australia, some places are available for camping which is free, but here you can never expect too much like the clean toilet or running water 24/7. Some amusement parks are also free in Australia. there are some holidays parks where the cost is £3 to 4 pounds but again, it depends what type of services and location your select.

Sunrise Australia

If you  are planning a vacation in Australia and intend to camp, search on Amazon for books that give information of Australia camps in the whole country. A bit spent in advance will definitely help you during your whole trip. If you decide to stay in hostels and low cost hotels, look for ones that include communal cooking facilities.

Total Accommodation cost: £1500

  1. Extras and incidentals

The estimated cost of the tour will never be same at the end of the tour because there are various extra things that will expand your budget. There are various activities in Australia that are attractive as well as expensive like learning to surf, bungee jumping, skydiving, heading out to the great barrier reef and thousand other similar adventures.  But remember, you may never have the chance to experience the wonders of Australia again, so take advantage of its wonders while you can.

Extras – £250

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