Popular Shimla Attractions for the First Timer Visitors to India

Shimla Mall Road

Top Reasons to Visit Shimla in the Heart of the Himalayas

Shimla Hill Station India

Nestled in the heart of the Himalayas are many beautiful hill stations that are still untouched by the changing environment. One of these charming hill stations is none other than the famous town of Shimla. Right since Shimla was set up in Himachal Pradesh, it has stood proud showcasing its natural beauty. From walking amidst the clouds to playing with the snowman, there are many fun activity tot be witnessed on this hill station. Hence, if you have not visited Shimla yet, you have missed a great destination in India. Thus, it is time to book the Shimla Manali tour package so that you get to experience the best things in Shimla even if you are going there for the first time.

Shimla Rairway India

  • Travel in Style in the Kalka-Shimla Railway:  Not many people get to visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  And, what if you were told that you could actually visit a mobile world heritage site? Would you not be super excited? Of course! The Kalka-Shimla Railway is the heritage site that you should not miss. Board the train from Kalka station in Haryana and get off at Shimla to experience the same charm that this journey has delivered since it was started in 1898. As you pass by the magnificent flora and fauna lurking behind the steep mountains and play hide and seek with the floating clouds, you will feel rejuvenated automatically. Even the simple omelet and toast that they serve for breakfast will feel grand. After all, you are definitely going to experience what was the right of the British royal’s years ago.
  • Enjoy the Sporty Atmosphere at Annandale: It is known that the British built hill stations to indulge in both luxury and entertainment. In India, the hill station of Shimla is not an exception. The Annandale is the perfect example of the lifestyle of the British Raj and is, thus, a highly popular tourist attraction. This place is beautifully maintained and still shows signs of the sports like cricket and polo played by the British officials. The racecourse from the past has been modified and renovated into a superb golf course for the people of Shimla. This golf course is also allowed to be used as a helipad when in need in the modern times.

Shimla Mall Road

  • Spend Introspective Hours at the Mall: The Mall in Shimla is one of the famous tourist attractions there because of the simplicity and space. It is accessible 24×7 free of cost and is the perfect place to rest after a long day of trekking, hiking, and other adventure sports. The Mall houses many handicraft stores that display and sell local products to the tourists. These shops are perfect for buying souvenirs for your friends and family when you visit Shimla. The Mall also has the Ridge attached to it which is loved by the mountain-gazers. The Ridge gives the tourists the opportunity to get a glimpse of the long stretch of the Himalayas. This looks the best on a bright and sunny day or even a clear night. The glittering stars reflecting the silvery aura of the snow-clad peaks is a sight that no traveller can afford to dislike. Thus, people like to stand at the Ridge on a full moon night and confess their love under the blessing of the holy night sky.

Shimla is bountiful in terms of beauty, and it is a hill station that is hard to match.  Even though this town has made way for the modern technology for the sake of comfort, it has not forgotten its classic ways and, this is precisely what makes Shimla stand a class apart. Thus, if you haven’t booked the Shimla Manali tour package, it is high time you do so if you want to walk down the apple orchards on a cool summer morning and taste the best wine in town.


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