Mindful Travel Destinations That Will Help You Reconnect with Your True Self

Mindful Travelling: 4 Destinations To Reconnect with Your True Self

Mindful Travel Destinations

Would you agree that there’s a difference between tourism and travelling?

It’s a common topic nowadays, and travelling (especially travelling solo) is becoming synonymous with personal growth. Whereas a tourist might check into a resort and stay on the beach sipping cocktails until the flight back home, the traveller is looking for more depth of experiences on their journey. Mind you, if you really feel like checking into a resort and sipping on cocktails for days on end, then that’s great, and by all means, go for it. But if you feel like you’re missing something, some cog in the machinery of your mind, as if your thoughts are suffocated by the white noise of everyday life and the burden of materialism, a spiritual journey will help you reconnect with your soul and gain some perspective. Here are some favourite destinations that inspire and entice – places where luxury means contemplation, gratefulness, and a higher sense of self.

  • Mount Kailash, Tibet

Tibet Mindful Vacation

Tucked away in the westernmost part of the Tibetan Plateau, beautiful and intimidating, Mount Kailash is sacred in four religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Bon, and Jainism. If you are intrigued and awed by the wise, peaceful, and cosmically-aware philosophy of eastern religions, a trek (or rather, kora) at Mount Kailash will provide a spiritual journey on which you will learn, reflect, and question as your feet take you on a 52km pilgrimage around its base. The pilgrimage is by no means easy, as it takes time to get to the Mount itself, and the high altitude is physically exhausting. But it is journeys such as these that emphasize the overwhelming strength of each moment in time that we have, and the fact that our lives are only made up of a series of present moments.

  • East coast of Ireland

East Coast Ireland

Although tempted to write more about the mystifying, profound experience that you can search for in other Buddhist regions, we must pull ourselves away from Asia – because the wonders of the world are vast and diverse. And they’re all places of deep contemplation in their own way. Behold the east coast of Ireland, the heart of the Celtic spirit and home to Ireland’s most sacred sites. It is neglected in favour of the west coast, but you can use that fact to your advantage. The landscape is wonderful and powerful:  vast rolling pastures and gentle lakes tremble in the wind while heather mounds stand proudly, holding secrets centuries long. Explore the archaic Glendalough Valley and roam around Castle Roche in Louth – wherever you go, feel the antiquity of this beautiful place and let the wind carry your deepest thoughts.

  • North-western Tasmania

Tasmania Landscape

Australia is a place known for its overwhelming biodiversity, wilderness and beauty, so the whole country resembles a pilgrimage for those looking to go off the beaten track and find peace while hiking. The Tarkine region of north-western Tasmania is unique and sacred in its pure natural beauty. Tasmanian walks take travellers across wild and untouched national parks; on the journey you will take in remote waterfalls, pristine rivers, myrtle rainforests, dramatic mountaintops and coastline. One of Australia’s greatest treasures, this region is home to more than 60 rare and endangered species and the refuge of many native mammals. It is perhaps one of the greatest places to reconnect with nature and acknowledge the power and strength of our belonging on this planet.

  • The Appalachian Trail, US

Apalacian Trail Scenery

A 3500km hike from Georgia to Maine, this is a trek that takes you across 14 states in 6 months. Yes, it takes time, because it is truly a journey of metamorphosis and self-discovery. On the way, you meet other hikers who share this common goal with you. Across gurgling streams and lush forests, past crystal lakes and intimidating mountains, this is a long experience that forces you to contemplate the bigger picture. It is an exhausting journey toward freedom: freedom from materialism, from stress, from your own thoughts which distract you from focusing on what truly matters to you.

Take some time to be alone with your thoughts or go along someone with whom you share a deeper connection. If done with the right person, a soul-searching trip can also be a profound spiritual experience where you and your travel partner can complement each other’s thoughts throughout the journey. Listen to your intuition, open up your mind, and just go – you won’t come back as the same person you were before.

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