Discover Bali, Magical Island of Gods

Bali, Island of Gods

Island of gods: why Bali should be on your travel to-do list this year

Bali, the island of gods, is ranked 1st in attractive places among the cities in 2017, a TripAdvisor report says. Bali is a perfect combination of beautiful settings beyond your imagination. Everything you need for a great vacation such as great weather, local flair, pampering resorts, lively festivals can all be found in this great place.

Bali, Island of Gods

You may find hidden canyons, rare humanmade artifacts or geological wonders if you are lucky. Besides natural wonders, thousands of undiscovered sights are waiting to be explored, and you can be the next one to discover the hidden truth. Ohh yap! Are you ready to explore the natural beauty? Bali welcome you to pay a visit to the magical land.

Why Bali is called the island of gods?

In fact, Bali is a province of Indonesia located between islands of Java and island of Lombok in Indonesia. It also includes several islands, i.e., the island of Nusa Lembongan, Island of Nusa Penida, Island of Nusa Ceningan, Island of Serangan and island of Menjangan.

Unlike other provinces of Indonesia, Bali adheres to 83.5% Balinese Hinduism, 13.37% Islam, 2.47% Christianity and 0.5% Buddhism. The majority of the Hindu is influenced by the ideology of southeast and south Asia respectively.

Bali Temple by

The general people of Bali believes in and practices Agama Hindu Dharma in every sphere of life. They follow the traditions from wake up in the morning to going to bed at night. They decorate and fashion thousands of gods to offer their esteem.  As the government of Indonesia also believes in monotheist as well as traditional Hinduism, Hindus enjoy freedom for performing their religious duties. So, you will find thousands of gods inside and outside of thousands of temples throughout Bali.

Some reasons to put Balion your travel to-do list this year
Here you can find some reasons to pay a visit to one of the best tourist attraction places of the world.

Sublime beaches

Bali Beach via Unsplash

So which is the most popular reason to pay a visit to Bali? It may well be the never-ending seas and beaches which symbolize the Indonesian archipelago. From mainstream Kuta to luxurious Nusa Dua, you will find a beach to match your every mood.

Explore Geological Wonders

Apart from the idyllic beaches, thousands of undiscovered natural wonders belong to Bali. They are extraordinary, perfect and well-worn for tourists to explore them. Even from the hidden canyons to remote islands, you will be amazed at spectacular geological wonders. Who knows you’ll be the next sensation by exploring the hidden treasure?

Never-ending Waterfalls

Waterfall Bali by Unsplash

Don’t think twice before going to explore the hundreds of waterfalls around Bali. To visit a waterfall, you needn’t expense an arm and a leg, as you can find independent drivers to escort you there. They are reliable and cheap. And boom! You’re there. Don’t forget to travel to the Nungnung Waterfall, the best of Bali, and to me the best of the world.

Stunning Sunsets

Bali Sunset by Pixabay

You’ll find great pleasure by exploring the 11th century temple which was built to protect Bali from evil spirits. Uluwatu offers you the best-unimpeded views of Balinese sunset. However, don’t forget to join the evening Kecak Ritual of Bali. The tradition was developed in the 1930s to open fire with trance dances.

Fascinating cultural celebrations

Bali is a perfect combination of modern and ancient culture. You’ll marvel at the thousands of cultures that appear in Bali. Some of the traditions are still practiced throughout the year. In fact, ceremonies and celebrations are part and parcel of everyday life here. Some of them seem interesting, and some are awkward. For example, you must enjoy the Omed-Omedan Kissing Ritual participated in by unmarried males and females aged 17 to 30 years.

On the contrary, Nyepi (The Day of Silence) is celebrated the day before Omed-Omedan which includes no light, no fire, and even no food. They fast for 24 hours to celebrate the day. The day is decided by following Hindu calendar.

Delicious Cuisine and variant lifestyle

Balinese Cusines by Pexels

Balinese hospitality is the core of the allure for people to revisit the island. And of course, I’d say the people of Bali; they are so kind-hearted and straightforward that you can easily mingle with them. They start their life with rituals and always respect the honor of the traditions.

And finally, I will mention the ambient place of food in the society. Every tourist must taste the local foods to know the lifestyle of the local people. Bali is ahead of many other tourist destinations in the way of eating. As a tourist, you must taste at least Babi Guling (suckling pig), Ikan Bakar (Grilled fish) or Bebek Betutu (slow-cooked duck). You can never forget the taste if you taste the cuisine even once.


Bali embodies the paradisiacal ambiance that surrounds it. It has the purest and most untouched natural beauty, full of color, exoticism, and excitement. Though the island has distinctive white-sand and black-sand beaches, the way the people live stuns most travelers. In fact, it also proves that people are the blessed resources of any place.

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