Discover Lord Howe Island, Australia’s Secret Hideaway

Lord Howe Island Australia

Lord Howe Island-All About Australia’s Secret Hideaway

If you’re looking for the perfect getaway that’s truly away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Lord Howe Island is the perfect choice for your vacation. A true paradise, this island off Australia’s coastline offers spectacular surroundings and complete relaxation with volcanic terrain, sweeping vistas, sandy beaches, subtropical rainforests, and, of course, crystal clear waters.

Lord Howe Island Australia

Wikimedia Commons by David Stanley

There’s no cell phone reception here, and since this is a World Heritage Site there is a limit of just 400 people on this island at any time. That means that only 50 vacationers can enjoy its beauty since there are 350 permanent residents living on the 11km-long island. Surprisingly easy to get to, you can fly here from Brisbane or Sydney in just two hours.

What Is There To Do?

Lord Howe Island Beach

You might be wondering about how you can entertain yourself on such a secluded island, however, there’s no shortage of enjoyment. Of course, if you love nothing more than lying on a white sand beach, relaxing and reading a novel, you’ll be in your element, however if you prefer more active pursuits, you’ll never be bored. There are countless opportunities for walking, fishing, bird watching and snorkeling and for those who are keen scuba divers, the waters surrounding this lush island contain a wealth of spectacular sea life to experience up close. You can enjoy a bracing hike or a pleasant stroll, or even join the Citizen Science program which enables visitors to get involved with the conservation projects of the island.

Top Dive Sites

Lord Howe Island Dive Spot

Wikimedia Commons by Toby Hudson

Lord Howe Island’s waters offer some of the planet’s best diving spots thanks to the spectacular coral reefs which are home to a diverse and unique ecosystem of rare species. The visibility here is impressive – typically about 30 meters – and there are more than sixty world-class diving sites to discover within a 10 to 20 minute boat ride from the shore. Arguably, the island’s best diving spot is the tallest sea stack in the world, Ball’s Pyramid, where divers can spot dolphins, marlin, rainbow runners, kingfish and amberjack. Turtles are also prevalent in these waters, and can often be spotted close to shore even by non-divers. The island has two diving operator companies, both of which are highly experienced and offer a host of different packages to suit the needs of both experienced and new divers. You can take a PADI open water diving course here as well as courses in advanced forms of diving, and there are group dives available to suit all budgets and preferences. If you’re planning on diving here, you might want to check out some of the essential diving accessories and equipment featured on to take with you on your trip.

Staying On The Island

Although the island is uncrowded and peaceful, there are still 400 beds available for holidaymakers across a wide range of accommodation types. Whatever your budget and whatever type of accommodation you prefer, you’ll find something to suit you here. With luxurious apartments, beautiful beach houses, B&Bs and even a premium quality hotel with a day spa and all-inclusive meals.

Traveling To Lord Howe Island

If you’re keen to experience the splendor of Lord Howe Island, you’ll be delighted to discover that the climate is pleasant throughout the year, peaking at around 25 degrees C in the summer months and falling to a mild low of around 19 degrees C in the winter months. Although most people choose to come to the island between the months of September-May, it is just as lovely to visit in the off-season, and in fact, winter here showcases many unique activities which highlight the island’s biodiversity and wildlife.

Take a trip to Lord Howe Island for your next vacation, and really get away from it all!



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