Luxury Private Island Vacations For Every Budget

Private Island Beach

Ever wondered what private islands have to offer compared to the usual, ‘popular’ tourist-going islands? The whole ‘private island’ thing sounds rather grand, and let’s face it, we picture a multi-billionaire soaking up the sun on his private beach, with butlers on standby, when we hear these words. Never do we think a private island is a possible vacation destination for us, but in fact, private islands come in all sizes, shapes and prices.  We’ll take a look at some of the world’s most inviting private islands in all price categories.

Private Island Beach

What if I told you that there were many private islands that cater to visitors looking for a relaxing, ultra exclusive break? You’d be interested to know more, I’m sure; because honestly, who’d turn up the opportunity to have the beach to themselves with butlers on standby, and the chance to take part in extraordinary activities? That’s right, no-one would pass up that kind of opportunity! So, now we get to the: ‘well, what are the options – where can I go?’ We’ve put together a list of private islands that not only cater to visitors, but we’ve also detailed the many reasons why they’re the better beach holiday destination.

For the Luxury Lovers:

Thanda Island | Tanzania

Thanda Island Resort


Thanda Island, situated off the coast of Tanzania is what private island dreams are made of. It’s super luxurious, although not ‘stiff’, as many luxury hotels and resorts can be. Thanda Islands’ manor house is laid-back, and has a beautiful beachy look and feel, adding that extra bit of relaxation and comfort to an already peaceful place. You can expect top-class service; and an array of extraordinary activities available to you, such as: swimming with whale sharks and marine turtles, sailing, paddling, kayaking and fishing to name a few. This island is also incredibly exclusive, with only a few rooms available to guests. You’ll really feel like you’re on your very own private island!

Necker Island | British Virgin Islands

Necker Island BVI


Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, is owned by Sir Richard Branson, and as you can imagine it’s a hit with celebrities. With Balinese style villas which house up to 30 people, it’s the perfect place to vacation with a group of friends. There’s also plenty to do on Necker Island (other than laze in the sun), including: water sports, tennis, hiking, snorkelling and spa treatments. Necker is also home to a small population of endangered iguanas and flamingos, and it’s known for the many sea turtles that swim in the surrounding waters.  A lucky few can book the entire resort island or book a luxury room for your stay.

Laucala Island | Fiji

Fiji Island Beach


Laucala Island is another celebrity hotspot; owned by Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz. There are 25 villas on the island, all stylishly equipped with extravagant features and Fijian style decor. The island is pretty ‘OTT’, and even has its own submarine! While Laucala is all about the glitz and glam, they have not forgotten to keep some things simple. They grow their own fruit and vegetables and even have a small holding of cattle. Guests can expect to keep busy with activities such as: snorkelling, scuba-diving and boat trips.

For the Budget Beach Lovers

Pelican Beach Resort | Belize

Pelican Beach Resort Belize


Pelican Beach resort certainly is something special as it’s situated in South Water Caye, which is surrounded by the largest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere. The resort has only ten cottages in total; five wooden cottages, which are on stilts and overlook the ocean, and five large guest rooms which have floor to ceiling windows for perfect views of the waves crashing over the reef. Guests can take part in many water activities as well as day trips to nearby islands and ancient Mayan sites.

Robinson Crusoe Island | Fiji

Robinson Crusoe Island Resort Fiji


Robinson Crusoe Island is perfect for the party-loving folk, and those looking for a super rustic private island getaway. With basic dormitories and small huts, this island is ideal for students looking for more fun and less relaxation! When you’re not partying up a storm, borrow a kayak or a six-person canoe and explore the island; or take a Fijian/Polynesian dance class, or perhaps a traditional Polynesian massage is the answer to the hangover!

Tiger Island Village and Resort | Indonesia

Tiger Island is situated in Pulau Macan, part of the Thousand Islands in the Java Sea. It’s yet another incredible island oasis with lush green vegetation and a coral seascape. There are just three bungalows on the island, making it a quiet, peaceful and exclusive hideaway which private islands are known for, yet the decor and amenities are rustic and rather homely. Inside the beach house you can find pool tables, bean-bag sofas and magazines aplenty. The activities are basic, yet still give you a taste of fun and exhilaration. A favourite amongst guests is hiring a canoe, paddling to the opposite island, and hanging up a hammock – which is freely given to guests.

Tiger Island Resort
Image: Pulau Macan BPI


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